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Lose Weight Effortlessly Without Joining a Gym - Try Isometric Exercise

8/26 16:06:39

     There's a much easier, and less expensive, way than joining a gym to lose those extra "holiday" pounds, or the ones that seem to creep in and latch on with every new birthday. And it doesn't involve sweaty locker rooms or muscle-bound fitness gurus that play havoc with your self-esteem about having a less-than-perfect body.

Isometric exercise may be just the answer you are looking for!

The beauty of isometrics is that they can be done anywhere, even behind your desk at work, without having to pay hefty gym fees or feeling embarrassed in your workout togs. Unlike running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bicycle, isometrics help you target the areas that need the most attention and work them throughout the day.

Are you stuck in a chair all day at work? The simple isometric motion of tensing and releasing your stomach muscles can help shed pounds, trim your waistline and feel energized while sitting right there at your desk. Then, when the workday is over, instead of dragging yourself off to a gym to sweat and strain through a tough fitness routine, you can simply head out to enjoy your evening.

Isometric exercises use your body's own force and weight as tools to help you get in shape, without the fancy machines and weights of the gym. The simple act of tensing, holding and releasing the abdominal muscles helps battle mid-life bulge and turn loose fat into toned muscle. The result is a healthier, more slender you. Best of all, achieving the results you want is almost effortless.

Although isometric exercises can be supplemented with tension bands or small hand weights, the key is using your own body to get yourself in shape. (Did you ever imagine that when your mother said, "Sit up straight" that she was actually helping you control your waistline? Well, she was!)

The key to success using this extraordinary form of weight control and body shaping is consistency. Isometric exercises only take a few seconds at a time, but can - and should - be practiced often, over the course of the day.

Here's a starter exercise- Sit up straight, breathe deeply and expand your stomach muscles every time the phone rings. Then, exhale slowly and contract your stomach muscles as you answer the telephone. (that is the way to work the abdominals and the breathing)

All you have to do to achieve results is to simply do the exercises -- repeatedly, every day. Learning the routine and then implementing it is a lot easier than joining a gym, forcing yourself to go there every day, waiting in line for the right machines or running on a treadmill, getting nowhere.

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