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Schiff Green Tea Diet

8/26 16:05:42

     Consider a daily workout instead of a weekly visit to the gym. Schiff green tea diet provides you with the best way to workout everyday without the hassle of going to the gym!

The Schiff green tea diet is an all-natural diet product that helps promote thermogenesis and fat metabolism. The diet contains no Ma Huang or Ephedra herb. It is ephedrine-free so you won't experience any jittery or nervous feelings.

The green tea diet has a high amount of active ingredients that have a lot of antioxidant and thermogenic benefits in store for you. The beneficial antioxidants are called catechin polyphenols. These substances interact with other compounds present in order to stimulate thermogenesis and encourage fat to burn.

The most powerful catechin polyphenol found in the green tea diet is called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG has almost the same effect on your fats like ephedra but minus the dangerous side effects that commonly accompany ephedra-induced metabolism. With the Schiff green tea diet, you lose weight without giving up on your body's health!

The green tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis, which is a native herb of China. This plant is extracted from is believed to have been in use for more than four thousand years.

The substances present in the diet have been widely recognized over the world as an effective dermal protection against Ultraviolet light radiation. The antioxidants can also help prevent cancers including stomach, ovarian, colon, oral, prostate, breast, and cervical cancers.

Being on the diet can also help in reducing harmful intestinal flora while increasing beneficial intestinal flora. It is the main reason why it has curative effects on cancers. This is also the reason why it can reduce oxidative stress in smokers and non-smokers and acts as a powerfully anti-inflammatory substance.

A single dose of the Schiff green tea diet has been to known to show a dramatic improvement in antioxidant levels in the body. It also helps preserve good cholesterol levels and lower down the bad cholesterol. In addition to that, the diet has anti-bacterial properties that help prevent teeth cavities.

And if the benefits listed above are not enough, further researches were made through the years. Having green tea in a diet supplement sometimes is not enough to promote weight loss. This is why this famous diet comes with standardized formulation to guarantee optimum results.

The Schiff green tea diet contains guaranteed levels of EGCG - 270 milligrams a day. The EGCG is used in combination with specific amounts of caffeine - 150 milligrams a day. These two substances make this diet product something to reckon with.

Included in each diet package is an easy-to-follow eating and workout plan. It has also made their tablets in easy-to-swallow sizes containing 225 milligrams green tea extract, 90 milligrams EGCG, and 50 milligrams caffeine.

Losing weight has never been this easy.

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