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16 Weight Loss Tips to Remember!

8/26 16:05:04

     There is always room for new ideas to help you to improve your lifestyle and health. There are some great tips that fit perfectly with what we are all trying to accomplish. Here are 16 of them.

1. Reach for water before you reach for a snack or another packet. Water is the cheapest, safest appetite suppressant there is.

2. Keep the cupboards bare. You'll save both in money and temptation. Cut way back on the amount of food choices you have around, just have approved healthy snacks at home. There will be less impulse snacking.

3. Inspire yourself!
Stick a picture of a dress or bathing suit you'd love to wear or a vacation spot you'll be visiting to motivate you.

4. Use spices liberally!
Ginger, cayenne, and hot sauce can boost your fat-burning ability up to 25%, according to research.

5. Sleep yourself thin!
Getting enough sleep does more than keep you from eating late at night. The University of Chicago recently found that a woman's metabolism rises 40% when she gets enough sleep.

6. Shop Smart!
Always have a list when you shop at the super market and stick to it to prevent impulse purchases. Shop the walls, in other words go for the fresh produce. Do your best to stay out of the aisles. For extra exercise, leave you cart at the end of each aisle and carry what you need back to it.

7. Beat Nighttime cravings.
Researcher have found that dark rooms and the darkness of night make us more likely to overeat. Try keeping your surroundings bright at night and go to sleep earlier.

8. Always start your day with a Medifast Meal replacement.

9. Listen to feel good music when you have the urge to binge.
Research has found that it activate the same center of your brain that eating your favorite foods does.

10.Drink green tea.
A study conducted by the University of Switzerland discovered that drinking green tea increases the number of calories your body burns.

11.Get Out!
Try to spend at least 20 minutes a day sitting outside either talking, walking, running or at least sitting by a sunny window. Sunlight helps control food cravings.

12. Make your Mouth Minty!
Brush your teeth and your tongue, use mouthwash and sugar free breath mints to trick your taste buds.
13.Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

14. Exercise in your car.
While your stuck in traffic, work your abs, and stretch your back and neck muscles.

15. Take two steps at a time.

16. Do yard work or house work while zeroing in on exercise. Hold in your abs while ironing. Roll up onto your toes while washing the dishes.

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