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Discover Why You Cant Lose Weight

8/26 16:02:36

     Most people begin an exercise program designed for weight loss with the intention of sticking with it. Unfortunately, the majority give up after six months, deciding they simply do not have the time to exercise regularly. There are usually two reasons behind any decision; the real reason, and the one that sounds good.

Individuals claiming, "they do not have the time" are often hiding the fact that their expectations for weight loss were not met. Simply put, they were not making the progress they were promised. On an intellectual level, most people know they "should exercise more." However, any good salesperson will tell you that we do not make decisions based on intellectual reasoning. We base them on emotion.

Most of us exercise because, at a very basic level, we want to look and feel better. We exercise because it appeals to our sense of vanity and pride. We want to look and feel good. Now if you are not used to exercising we suggest you find a way to get used to it if you plan on losing those extra pounds that just do not seem to go away. We are not saying you have to run fifteen miles a day, pound out 300 push ups in twenty minutes or even jump rope for an hour, what we are saying is do something!

If all you do every day is get in your car, drive to work, sit at a desk, eat fast food for all your meals, drive home, eat dinner and watch television until you fall asleep, we have a News Flash for you, wake up and smell the coffee! How does anyone expect weight to just start "falling off" if they are not even moving? It blows me away when I hear people complain that they "tried" this diet or that diet and it "did not work." I usually ask them "did you work?"

Listen, the truth is this, nothing good in life comes easy. If you are not willing to give up that 1 hour of television you know you watch every single night, if you are not willing to get off your butt and walk around your neighborhood a few times or go hiking for 45 minutes or even just run around with your kids for a half an hour a day, then how do you expect your body to burn enough calories to lose any weight?

There is no magic pill for you to take, there is no magic potion to drink, it is called dedication to your health and wanting it bad enough. Did you know that there are approximately 3,555 calories in just one pound of fat? Do you think you can sit on your couch every night while still doing what you are doing and these calories are going to burn themselves away?

Now here is the deal, when you lose weight from dieting alone, some of the weight lost comes from lean muscle tissue. In an effort to retain lean muscle while still losing weight from fat you must include leucine in your diet.

Leucine is an amino acid that helps build muscle. Research shows that leucine heads straight to muscles where it can initiate protein synthesis for muscle building. That is why a lot of Olympic and world class athletes use it.

As you diet, you consume less calories. There is one problem with this, as you lose fat you are also losing muscle mass. Even if you lose your desired amount of weight you will become flabby because your muscle has been broken down along with the fat. Leucine helps control muscle breakdown that occurs while dieting.

Leucine is one of the twenty most common essential amino acids your body needs when maintaining lean muscle mass. Leucine is the most common amino acid found in proteins and is essential for optimal growth throughout infancy, childhood and adulthood.

Leucine plays a part in maintaining muscles by equalizing synthesis and breakdown of proteins while also regulating your appetite, assisting in the growth and repair of muscle tissues and helping you regulate your blood sugar as well. You can enjoy the benefits of leucine as a natural supplement or you can find it in some foods, such as, brown rice, beans, nuts and whole wheat.

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