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The Quickest Way to Lose Weight Permanently

8/26 15:59:52

     What is the really quick way to lose weight? So many people have asked me this question that I have lost all count. A great many people have a desire to lose many pounds as rapidly as they can.This is not hard to understand if they are very heavy and have now decided to take some action to correct this weight problem.

There is unfortunately no simple answer that is right for everyone. The quickest way to lose weight depends on so many factors which vary from individual to individual.

In some cases your weight is influenced by your genes. In others it is simply consuming too much food. In many cases a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise is to blame. In all cases you are simply consuming more calories than you expend in your daily life.

Someone who is engaged in hard manual work will obviously burn off a lot more calories daily then an office worker,who sits at a desk all day. An active youngster who plays a lot outdoors and runs around burns a lot of calories. A youngster who spends a lot of time watching TV is likely to become overweight.

We all know how many seriously overweight people are to be seen everywhere we go. Obese adults and youngsters are seen everywhere. An inactive lifestyle combined with overeating is the cause in most cases. The sad result is diabetes and heart problems for too many people.

The only safe way to lose weight quickly is to lower your expectations to a more reasonable rate of weight loss. You can lose weight rapidly but don't expect miracles. You have decided that you should lose weight as fast as possible,but you must first decide on just how many pounds you really want to lose?

If you need to lose a lot of weight there is no safe way to lose it all quickly. On a good diet exercise program most people lose one pound per day safely or a bit more if you are quite a bit overweight.

That is the quickest way to lose weight. There is no way that you can reasonably take off 30 pounds in a week. Some of the dieting ads you will see around try to make you believe that that this can be done but please don't be suckered --it just can't.

The quickest way to lose weight is to get on a really good weight loss program which is based on the latest research data. All the evidence is that these programs really work well and you will lose weight quickly on them.

So my best plan for the quickest way to lose pounds is to shoot for around one pound daily.If you are considerably overweight you might lose a little more,even up to two pounds daily. Don't take the word of some con artist that he can show you how to lose 30 pounds in a week. It simply is not true. You can lose weight rapidly but not that fast.

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