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4 Additional Steps of Healthy Weight Loss

8/26 15:56:15

     Your Successful Weight Loss Program.

Usually we think of eating a healthy diet, exercising regular and nutritional vitamin supplements as the key components of a healthy weight loss program. They are pivotal. But your weight loss program will not be successful if you ignore these other 4 steps.

#1 Drink Plenty of Water.

Our bodies have more water in them than anything else. As a mater of fact we are majority water, even down to the cellular level. Not only are we made of water, our bodies need water to function properly. This is especially true for our digestive system. Our digestive system separates the nutrients from the toxic waste. If we do not eliminate waste it builds up in our bodies.

Your body knows how important water is. If you do not get enough it will store it like a camel does. Hence water weight is built up. Conversely, the more water you drink, the more your body uses. This is not just an issue of weight gain or loss. It is more an issue of health and your body functioning properly and avoiding disease.

Another reason to drink plenty of water is that water increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat. Lack of water slows down your metabolism, just like lack of food does. Your body conserves water when you are near dehydration a slows you down.

Finally, when you exercise you burn and sweat water. The water needs to be replenished for your body to recover and your muscles to grow back as they are torn down by your workout. For this reason you must drink more water when you exercise.

Drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day or more. More when you exercise.

#2 Get Plenty of Fresh Air and Sunshine.

Put together as one point because they can be accomplished simultaneously. Fresh air equates to oxygen. Again on a cellular level operate properly on oxygen. Not enough oxygen we die. Without adequate oxygen our cells do not work properly. Not enough oxygen our immune system ceases to function properly. Not enough oxygen we can not burn fat and fat is the retained in our bodies. Not enough oxygen, our metabolism slows down. Just like a lack of water and a lack of food. Slow metabolism equal less energy. Less energy equal weight gain.

We need sunshine for other reasons. Sunshine helps our body naturally produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of all of our cells. Vitamin D is the key factor in our immune system. Therefore a lack of sunshine will stop our bodies from working at its peak level which in turn effects our digestive system, our metabolic rate, our energy and ultimately our weight. This is really the same story, just a different factor.

Have you ever wondered why the majority of our best athletes are from the sunshine states. Think about it.

#3 Avoid Stress.

Stress ties our mind to our bodies. When we think something is wrong it is. This is not just about having a positive mental attitude. That helps. But, our bodies releases hormones when we are stressed or worried. These hormones cause a number of problems including weight gain. The hormones actually cause an increase of free radicals which cause an increase of abnormal cells which our immune system begins to fight. The stress and worry effectively makes us sick. Let alone causing us to eat wrong, further damaging our bodies.

#4 Sleep.

Rest and sleep is our bodies opportunity to renew, refresh, repair and rejuvenate. The most important aspect or factor to healing is sleep. We need to heal everyday. Without enough sleep your body will not function properly. That takes us back to our metabolism and our immune system. Sleep is really the fountain of youth, along with water, oxygen, sunshine, a healthy diet, regular physical exercise and nutritional vitamin supplements. All these elements make up a healthy weight loss program. When we get adequate sleep, sunshine, fresh air, water, exercise, healthy food and vitamins while avoiding stress; our bodies will then naturally lose weight and maintain weight. Your healthy weight loss program will be successful.

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