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Your 6 Common Sense Tips For Weight Loss

8/26 15:53:11

     If you are looking for simple weight loss tips, make sure you use a reputable resource.

There are many diet 'experts' who will offer lots of advice and tips and many of them pertain to purchasing particular products or services. Sensible weight loss starts with common sense tips and information to get you started on healthier eating and healthier living.

There are six quick changes almost anyone can make for sensible weight loss. These tips are just the beginning of a new lifestyle and a better way of enjoying life.

1. Keep a journal. Writing down what you eat is the best possible way to get a handle on problem areas. Include the time of day foods are eaten and you can identify causes of over-eating too. If you know what you are eating, it is much easier to decide what can be eliminated from your current diet. Shift heavier meals to earlier in the day such as breakfast or lunch if the journal shows dinner and after-dinner snacks are a problem.

2. Add one vegetable to lunch or dinner. Simply adding one fresh vegetable to lunch or dinner will add more fiber and healthy nutrition to your diet. Continue eating this additional vegetable for at least two weeks. Then add another vegetable. Of course, you can always add more than one at a time but this is a way to change nutritional habits and start slowly for long-term commitment.

3. Add one additional fruit to two meals per day. Adding fruits is another way to get more fiber and fresh nutrition in your body. Add fruit to any two meals of the day. Seasonal fruits are a great choice. And don't forget those heart healthy fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and honey dew melon.

4. Add one slice of lite-wheat or whole grain wheat bread to your daily diet. This additional slice of bread offers lots of fiber and nutrition to support weight loss. A slice of whole-wheat bread has 1.6 grams of fiber to contribute to the recommended 20-35 grams daily.

5. Increase fiber intake daily by adding at least 1-2 high fiber foods in addition to the additional slice of bread. Some good options are ?cup brown rice with 2.4 grams, ?cup kidney beans with 5.8 grams, ?cup lima beans with 4.9 grams, or a baked potato with 3.8 grams. Remember that fiber is also very filling and satisfying so it helps stave off hunger longer.

6. Move every day. Even if you only add 10 minutes of activity to your day, get started. If you are already active, add on 10 more minutes to your normal routine and build up to 60-90 minutes. Make a commitment for 10 minutes per day minimum and stick to it.

Commit to making these six lifestyle and dietary changes for at least two weeks. You'll immediately feel better and will have the self esteem and self confidence to continue. These six simple weight loss tips will start you on a healthy plan for living. Each change is small in itself, but together, they are enormous. Incremental changes should be enhanced and expanded over time. The more you expand your healthy habits, the more you shrink your

Sensible weight loss starts with simple weight loss tips. There is no magical answer to weight loss - just common sense.

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