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Lose Weight Easy and Fast - Tips For Losing Weight -No-No Beverages

8/26 15:52:31

     As part of any successful weight loss management program we need to control our beverage intake. To Lose weight easy and fast is possible without having to resort to the latest fad diet. However there are some guidelines we need to follow around what I like to call "no-no" beverages.

It goes without saying that ten glasses of cola is a no-no and that a naturally squeezed glass of orange juice would be a preferred option.

A thought to have in mind is that; we must set ourselves weight loss goals and also set rewards for reaching our goals. This way we do not have to cut out all the beverages we love but we can use them to reward ourselves.

With these tips for loosing weight, the list of no-no beverages can be vast so I will touch on the main groups that we need to manage better on our no-no list to lose weight easy and fast.


1. Alcohol: Like any form of consumption it is good to remember the old adage of moderation is the key. I found success by greatly reducing my alcohol content. It does not mean you have to be anti-social, you can still go out with friends but enjoy drinks like cranberry juice, fresh orange, water with fresh lemons in etc.

I choose to use this to my advantage. If I was to be successful in achieving my weight loss management program goals I would then reward myself by having a glass of wine with a meal or a few drinks on a night out.

Consuming large qualities of alcohol regularly will be a sure fire away to put back on any weight you lose or add to the weight that you are trying to lose.


Meaning that it causes water loss and dehydration. Along with this water loss you lose important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc. These minerals are vital to the maintenance of fluid balance, chemical reactions, and muscle contraction and relaxation

The list below breaks down the number of calories in typical alcoholic drinks. Compare some of your favourites to make a good choice next time you decide to partake in your serving of alcohol.

Drink Serving Size Calories
Red wine 5 oz. 100
White wine 5 oz. 100
Champagne 5 oz. 130
Light beer 12 oz. 105
Regular beer 12 oz. 140
Dark beer 12 oz. 170
Cosmopolitan 3 oz. 165
Martini 3 oz. 205
Gin & Tonic 8 oz. 175
Rum & Soda 8 oz. 180
Margarita 8 oz. 200


2. Caffeinated Drinks: Those of you that join me in a love of the coffee bean will feel your heart sink with this no-no but stick with me.

There are lots of myths; rumours and studies about caffeine and its weight loss/weight gain affects. Some studies find that it aids weight loss and then on the other hand it is added to some weight loss pills! I found that once again moderation is the key.

I found success with my weight loss management program and felt healthier when I added caffeinated drinks to my no-no list.

If you follow these tips for losing weight as part of a weight loss management program, you are sure to notice that YOU will achieve some weight loss without having to go on the latest fad diet, and you will soon be back on track to being healthy and happy! Whatever you do, it is important to remember you can be successful and you will lose weight easy and fast without having to starve yourself!

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