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Can You Really Lose Weight Fasting?

8/26 15:50:43

     Okay so we know that you want to lose weight. Otherwise you would not be reading this article at all. You have probably tried so many diets, and remedies that you cannot remember them all. You are about to give up. I know from first hand that it is very hard to lose weight. You see all these skinny people on TV, and want to look like that. But in all reality we cannot look like that. They starve there selves just to look good.
I know it is hard to get your mind to not think bad thoughts about your weight. You walk down the street, and see all the billboards with people representing some kind of diet pill. You might be reading a magazine you love, and every other page has a new diet trick to try out. On TV there is always some sort of advertisement to try this new workout movie, or this new workout machine. You will also notice there are a lot of diet pill advertisements on TV. You probably want to try fasting instead of the latest diet plan.
Well some information that the American Heart Association has said, is that fasting might reduce the risk of heart disease. Even though that is only one part of information, I would need more information to make a final decision on fasting. It takes a lot of meal planning to get the tight weight you want. But you might find that by fasting you will lose weight faster.
For as long as I can remember, fasting has been around. It defiantly helps you to lose the weight you want to, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight. Surely it is not a sexy weigh to lose those unsightly pounds. The only logical thing we should do instead of fasting is watch what we eat. Granted it will take a bit to lose weight, but we are doing it in a healthy manner. We have to take control of our hunger, and start planning the amount of food we take in.
If you do want to fast, you can try skipping a meal one day. Then the next day you can have three meals. Keep switching off and on like that, and it will help you to control the food you consume. Obviously it is possible to lose weight by fasting this way, that way you do not over eat. Always eat smaller meals at every meal time, and drink plenty of fluids.
If you are really leaning toward fasting, make sure you talk to your doctor first. This will also give you more opinions on the matter. Your doctor will also help you figure out what your body needs. So you can take in more of one thing, and eat less of another. When you talk to your doctor, it helps you to make your plan and set it into action. Make sure you exercise, but do not overdue it at the same time. Now that you have talked to your doctor, you can start your fasting whenever you want to. Be careful not to overdue.

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