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Switch Your Thinking To Lose All The Weight You Want

8/26 15:48:23

     If your weight-loss strategy depends on calorie-skimping diets and old fashioned boring low intensity endurance type activity in your 'fat burning zone' then you are doing yourself a disservice. Healthy sustainable weight loss does not come from starvation or extreme diet measures. Nor does it come from supposed low-fat or low carbohydrate foods or fad items like diet drinks. These things work against you and hinder weight loss efforts as they mess up your metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel), contribute to food cravings and undermine your energy levels.

As much as we would all like to find a 'magic bullet' to lose weight that is simply not going to happen. If what you have been doing has not worked as well as you would like a fresh approach may be just what you need to get the results you desire. But to do that just for now, agree to set aside what you think you know about weight loss and open your mind to new possibilities that may just give you the weight loss boost you need.

The big thing is focusing on getting healthy both with your eating plan and with your proper exercise program for the long haul. Take the emphasis off your body weight and losing weight on the scales and put it on to making the changes to your metabolism that will give you true results. This will not only transform your approach to exercise and nutrition it will help you 'reboot' your mindset in a new healthier direction.

To change your body from a fat storing one to a fat burning one the health of the metabolism is the very key, as it is the rate your body burns fuel. Living a lifestyle that allows your muscle tissue to grow weak and un-toned and eating low quality processed foods is how your body changes in to a fat storing nightmare.

To change this two very important changes need to be made otherwise you will just keep getting the results you are getting right now. Your muscular system need to be rebuilt and toned up using proper strength training exercise. Forget any notion that long slow endurance type activity will do this as it will not. You need to work your muscles directly through their ranges of movement under a load if you want them to burn more fuel both during an exercise session and long after it as well.

The next thing you need to do is ditch as much processed food as possible. You know the stuff in the pretty boxes with little to zero nutrition full of chemicals and unhealthy fats and sugars. This type of 'so called' food is the very worst fat storing aid there is. Replace as many of these items with natural, whole foods cooked from scratch if you are serious about losing weight.

We can forget about trying to find quick fixes and miracle cures for our lifestyle habits that need improving and changing. If we are to get off that endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain we need to ignore incorrect myths with our food and exercise. Once we can do this and do the things we need to do weight loss will happen. There is nothing surer than that.

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