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Frequently Asked Questions About HCG For Weight Loss

8/26 15:42:05

     Some people may have questions about HCG for weight loss, which is understandable for any type of weight loss program. You want to know the benefits, how much weight you can lose as well as what you need to do while you are taking this product. Fortunately there are many forums and support groups on the Internet that help to answer these questions. Many people have questions about the hormone, mainly because they are taken off guard when they find that it is the hormone that is found in high quantities in pregnant women. However, the HCG weight loss drops are a much weaker concentration. Here are some frequently asked questions about this product that is on the market today.

1. Can anyone try this diet? Men and women of any age can try this diet. Of course, it is always best to check with your doctor with any types of weight loss products. And, of course, do not take this when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or nursing.

2. How much weight will a person lose? Typical weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a day. Some people actually have lost up to 5 pounds a day with this product.

3. What kind of diet will a person need to be on? It usually consists of 500 calories per day in order to have success. Once you start the drops, there are actual websites that have recipes and certain foods that will be good to eat to help with your dietary needs.

4. How do the HCG drops work? The drops actually help the hypothalamus in your body to regulate so that it is able to burn off the abnormal fat which is excess fat that is not good for our bodies in a quickly manner. You will actually feel full with your 500 low calorie diet once your hypothalamus adjusts your metabolic rate.

These are just some of the common questions about this oral remedy. Using the human hormone in the past was a very expensive endeavor and it was a bit invasive too. It used to cost hundreds of dollars per month and involved getting injections of it every day. These days, however, people are able to place a few drops under the tongue, which is a very simple process. Nothing should be taken by mouth for 10 15 minutes before and after dosages, which include any type of food or drink, cigarettes, chewing gum and toothpaste. You will need to shake the bottle to mix the solution before placing it under the tongue while letting liquid absorb throughout the body. HCG for weight loss is definitely a way to lose some unwanted pounds!

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