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Fat Burning Workouts: The Answer to Quick Weight Loss

8/26 15:37:18

     Fat burning workouts are an integral part of any fitness program if you are aiming at quick weight loss. You抣l be hard pressed to find one that doesn抰 focus on it. After all, in order to get slim, you do need to target melting all that excess fat you抳e managed to accumulate in your body. A fat burning workout does more than burn all your body fat; it uses this very same fat as fuel to run your body.

What are fat burning workouts?

A series of slow and aerobic exercises that extend for a long duration of time is considered to be a workout that burns fats. These workouts target the major muscle groups in the body and use the fat stored in the body as primary fuel source, thereby helping you lose weight. However, if you want to achieve weight loss, it is important to maintain the correct intensity of these workouts. This is because at low intensity, the body uses fat as fuel. However, when you graduate to a high intensity workout, your body switches to burning the body抯 reserve of carbohydrates. That pretty much defeats the entire purpose of the workout, doesn抰 it?

What Exercises Help to Burn Fat?

There are several exercises that will help to burn fat and lose weight. These are:
Aerobic Dance - If you dance for an hour, you can burn up to 330 calories! And when combined with a weight loss diet, you can burn the fat in your body and get the additional benefit of strong leg muscles.

Aerobic Exercises - These exercises target the area around the midriff and burn fat from this region. It also helps to tone the muscles of the lower and upper body.

Biking - Biking is considered to be one of the best fat burning workouts. It develops the thigh muscles, making them stronger, and reshapes your body. One hour of cycling can burn close to 350 calories. In addition to this, it targets your abs, and maintains your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Walking - Walking is excellent for people who抳e been leading a sedentary life and would like to get back in shape.

Other Benefits for the Body

First and foremost these workouts help to regulate your appetite, increase your metabolism and the levels of fat burning enzymes in your body. That way, your body becomes one huge fat-pulverizing machine, leading to more efficient burning of fat. They also make your muscles stronger and more powerful, and maintain the balance of hormones in the body. In many cases, these workouts have been known to mitigate stress and relieve digestive disorders. With so many apparent benefits of these fat burning workouts, you can see how it can change your life for the better.

A Word of Advice

If you haven抰 been exercising in a while, or you are planning to start exercising to get slim, it抯 best to consult a professional trainer. Do not attempt to chalk out a routine for yourself by just reading a few random articles on websites. Seek guidance from a person who抯 knowledgeable and can suggest various options. In your attempt to achieve quick weight loss you shouldn抰 behave in a foolhardy manner.

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