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Sad Truth About Weight Gain During Menopause - What Can You Do?

8/26 15:36:46

     Reading through the words of this page will take you to the astonishing truth about women's weight gain during menopause and show you what solutions they have available to them

Many women find that as they reach menopause they start putting on weight. Going to the gym does not seem to keep the weight down nor does watching your diet. Read through the article to find solutions so this does not turn into a mammoth problem.

Menopause Weight Gain Is Unique!

When women put on weight they mostly put the pounds on their hips and thighs. But once they reach menopause it appears that fat starts to sit around the stomach area instead. There are women who start menopause early and they seem to have a huge problem with rapid weight gain.

Now for the good news, this stuggle with weight will end when you are in your mid sixties! However, there is no point in beating yourself up about it as it is not your fault. It is not a sign that your have been eating excessively. Even when you are being especially careful with your intake of food and your exercise regime it is still so easy for the belly fat to appear. And it is very difficult to lose weight when you are in the middle of menopause.

And this is all because of hormones. The fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone effect your appitite and the way your body stores fat. As you reach menopause your ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone and start finding other ways to produce these hormones. Fat cells can also produce estrogen so your body is made to turn calories into fat so there will be more areas that can produce estrogen.

Is There Any Thing That You Can Do With This Weight Gain During Menopause?

The best advice is to ensure that becoming menopausal must fit your life style. This means looking at exercise again. This is good because exercise goes hand in hand with many other benefits as well as helping to keep you slim. It assists the endorphins in your brain to stop the stress of menopause. It is excellent at preventing osteoporosis, and exercise tones muscles making you look and feel better, and muscle tone disappears quickly with age.

Watch what you eat and nibble through the day because an increased appetite will want to eat more without you even noticing. Stick to a healthy diet as this will help you stay slim and trim and feeling good. Eat foods that are natural and filling like nuts for snack and stay away from the processed foods like white bread. At the University of Pittsburgh Mediical Centre and Kaiser Permanente Medical Program some studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D supplements may be of assistance in fighting weight gain for women during menopause. Progesterone cream has proven research to suggest it helps eradicate some menopausal symptoms, like hot flushes and night sweats which often assist in the sleepless nights. Lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. There are also a number of natural health diet pills and mouth sprays that speed up your metabolism and help you to stop feeling as hungry.

Menopausal weight gain is a night mare for many women, and it is all down to hormone disruption. Stick with the healthy diet, stay away from processed snacks, exercise half an hour a day and get help from natural supplements.

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