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Lost Weight Successfully Again? Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting? How Can Hypnotherapy Help You to Stay Slim?

8/26 15:36:26

     How often did you manage to get into shape again, to reach your goal weight? You made those old jeans fit again; you looked great for the party or the wedding of your friend. It felt great, so why could it not last? How could it be that after all this hard work you let the old weight creep back on again? If it was only the old weight; but you are usually even heavier than before…

Most often, the weight creeps back even before you have reached your goal, and this is strange, because you already enjoyed the compliments, you were just about to go shopping for the new clothes, you were really feeling great. How could this happen? How can we become discouraged when in fact everything works and we should feel happy and enthusiastic?

It seems like a bad spell, like a bad dream, repeating itself over and over again. It is like hypnotising yourself back into the old fat self, because there are no logical reasons at all why you should not stay happy and slim, enjoying your new look instead of being obsessed with food and hating yourself for eating.

You put so much effort into dieting and exercise, and how have you done it? Most likely by hating your body and telling yourself that you are fat and you have to lose weight. Most likely by focusing on the flabby belly or big thighs and hating them. Hate and dislike is a very strong force - they have kept you going until they have worn you out. Now you are not fat - nothing to hate - so what is happening? How is it that you cannot stay that way?

Perhaps it is exactly that - hypnotising yourself into failure. The good news is that if you can hypnotise yourself into failure, you can also hypnotise yourself into success. This is exactly where hypnotherapy can help you.

How do you hypnotise yourself into being fat? Did you change the way you feel about yourself when you lost weight? You hated yourself for being fat - did it change? How would it be if instead of hating yourself you started loving yourself? How would it be if you looked at your body with love, if you started thinking yourself slim?

This is exactly how hypnotherapy will help you with the final stages of weight loss.

There are many ways hypnotherapy can help you to reach your goal and to lose the weight, solving emotional eating, letting depression go, implementing natural eating on the body level and healing the physical condition, etc. Hypnotherapy is the best tool to reach a healthy weight, the dream body shape; and there are other methods too, all kinds of diets and medical procedures. Yet what can be done when the goal is reached? How do you stay slim and healthy?

Hypnotherapy will teach you how to hypnotise yourself into slim thinking. You can learn to love yourself and your body; you can experience and enjoy the slim you; you can let the new, slim you sink deeply into your mind, so you identify yourself with lightness, health, graceful movements, etc. This can be done during hypnotherapy. While in the trance you learn to perceive in all your senses the beauty of your body and the joy of your slim shape and natural health. You make it part of you, just the way you are, so you stay in balance and the body naturally adjusts itself.

It is worth mentioning that you can make those changes even before you reach your goal weight. Once you start thinking yourself slim, once you start feeling the future lightness of your body, your real slim self stays with you and your body is naturally adjusting itself to your slim thinking, the same way it was adjusting to the fat thinking before. This way, you hypnotise yourself slim even when you are still a bit chubby.

The beauty of this kind of hypnotherapy is that it is really powerful in a natural, balanced way. Hate is a strong force; but it is all what it is, just a force, so it cannot last for long. The love, and in this case loving your body, is the ever-lasting power, so it just stays in balance as you lovingly look at yourself being naturally light and slim.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way of learning how to use your own resources, and once you use hypnotherapy to focus yourself on the natural balance of your body, you stay slim.

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