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Treating Your Snoring Problem Can Save Your Life

8/26 15:09:01

Obesity and heart disease are not things to mess around with. Everyone knows that. But few people know that one of the causes of these diseases is snoring.

Most people treat snoring like a cute to extreme nuisance and nothing more. But snoring is far more serious than that. If you have sleep apnea as well, you are in real potential trouble as your doctor will tell you.

Sleep apnea is a far more dangerous condition which includes snoring but also means you are actually failing to breathe for moments at a time several times per night. Your body just stops breathing, your airway closes, and until your air supply is totally exhausted, your body will not attempt to jump-start your breathing again.

At this point you are completely awake, physically, even if you don't remember it in the morning. Other noticeable effects are a racing heart, sweating, being out of breath, and feeling as if you have just awoken from a nightmare.

It is unbelievable how much difference a good night's sleep makes after months or even years of snoring or trying to sleep with a snoring partner.

The lack of sound, deep REM sleep every night wrecks your body. And it is not just the snorer who is affected. "Second hand snoring" causes just as much discomfort and sleeplessness for the spouse of a snorer and can even cause many of the same health problems.

In sleep studies it has been noted that snorers, whether they are aware of it in the morning or not, can wake themselves up over 100 times per night.

During the day, everyone affected by snoring in a household can experience lethargy, nervousness, and trouble concentrating.

Think of the last time you were up all night on purpose. The next day, if you had to go to work or do anything but sleep, you were a wreck for the whole day.

As a snorer, you are a wreck but you are used to how you feel each day and you don't notice how bad life has gotten because it has been with you since you started snoring. But if you were to take a non-snorer and give them your typical day for just one day, they would be demanding surgery, CPAP machines, and anything at all that would get them back to normal!

People who address their snoring issue and find a snoring remedy that works for them all say the same kinds of things. Ex-snorers talk about the energy, concentration, weight loss, and a host of other positive effects of becoming part of the living again.

Sleep is nothing to mess with. In an age where we are already stressed and overworked as it is, a good night's sleep is absolutely crucial for a healthy, productive, long life.

Today is the day you should start to work with your doctor and further investigate the many snoring remedies that are available.

You don't have to feel the way you do each day, nor do you have to resign yourself to the life you live now as a snorer. But in order to take advantage of everything life has to offer again, you have to take action and learn how to stop snoring. It will add years to your life! Just ask your doctor.
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