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Are you still struggling with your weight and living the yo-yo dieting effect?

8/26 15:06:52

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Are you still struggling with your weight and living the yo-yo dieting effect? If so, it is time you evaluate your weight loss program. Let's clarify that our weight is mainly determined by four factors: genetic, metabolic rate, nutrition, and level of physical activity. Hence, the relevance for adopting a realistic healthy weight loss program versus adopting an unrealistic weight loss program without making necessary changes by seeking miraculous diet pills to continue overeating, or just living the ongoing yo-yo diet effect. Other factors contributing to overeating include emotional distress, easy access to fast food restaurants and choosing junky food which all result in weight gain.

It is true. We are bombarded by many unrealistic propaganda promising to lose exorbitant weight almost overnight and look like a fashion model. Certainly, many of us have been seduced by well orchestrated promotion touching our ego. Basic claim is that one can continue overeating, not exercising, and with a magic pill or a magic shake one can lose weight and have a toned body.

Thus, let me go back to what is a healthy weight loss program. Having a healthy weight does not mean being extremely thin, but enjoy a weight based on our height, bone size, and age. Simply, a weight where we feel comfortable and do not carry diseased deriving from being overweight, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

The plain and simple fact is that you need to be ready to take responsible actions and dare to change your eating and physical activity habits. By now, if you are overweight, you have realized that many weight loss programs fail in the long-term. Why? Most of them fail because they do not treat the root of the problem.

Many people lose weight but it is also true that many regain that weight as soon as they start eating normal. Believe me, I know this part very well as I struggled with my weight for so many years and was so used to the yo-yo effect! Trust me, following strict meal portions or extreme menus is not a long-term solution. A healthy weight loss program will focus on weight management, fitness, and nutritional values.

It is absurd to think that all of us can look as many fashion models and have unrealistic goals to pursue a size 4 when our bones might indicate a size 8, 10, or 12. Each of us has different body types and genetic factors. First thing for a successful weight loss program is to stop comparing ourselves with others and learn to love our bodies. These are some tips that might help you delineate a healthy weight loss program to lose weight and keep it off:.

1. List your ideal weight goal and see if it is realistic.
2. Analyze your nutrition habits. Be ready to make changes for healthy products.
3. Have smaller portions. Avoid regular sodas high in empty calories, choose water, herbal drinks. Read their labels and check their sugar levels!
4. Be ready to start exercising, walk more, depend less on technology.
5. Eat more fiber. It provides bulk and the sense of fullness.
6. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
7. Reduce saturated fat. Excessive calories from fat make you increase weight.
8. A healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy (regular or non fat)
9. Exercise at least 3 times per week. 30-60 minutes cardio and every 2 days weight toning.
10. Have your nutritional supplements as the word say it "supplements." Your main mails should be healthy fresh food.
11. Weigh less and focus on how you are feeling. You might weight the same and dropping inches too. Muscles toning count as weight too. So, do not be obsessed with the weigh scale.

Your target to lose weight and keep the weight off is to pursue a healthy weight loss program. Bottom line, aim for quality nutrition, fitness and long-term results. You have the power to choose which program to follow and make necessary changes to stop the yo-yo dieting effect.

In the meantime, let me review my weight loss maintenance and modify my exercise routine. Remember, if I succeeded losing 80 pounds from 230 pounds and keeping the weight off for over 3 years, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Oh yes, you certainly can do it! GO FOR IT YOU SAY OVERWEIGHT NO MORE!
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