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How to loose your weight effectively?

8/26 10:50:33

In the era of increasing obesity, dieting seems to be as popular as never before. If this issues concern you in any way - you are most likely to be inspired by new coaching approach. By focusing on developing your motivation and strenghtening your will power you will give a fast start to your weight management goals.

Weight management coaching, regardless of how much weight you would like to loose, is a powerful bridge between the obstacles of reality and the desire for a slimmer body. The bigger the gap - the potentially faster progress.

The main aim of weight management coaching is to equip the individual with easy to use but powerful tools and knowledge as how to access the resources of the personal inner strength. When the person develops the qualities of being:

- highly motivated
- persistent
- self disciplined
- and long term oriented

weight reduction happens as a natural outcome. When, on the other hand, people try to manage their weight with no interest in managing their personal foundation - such attempts are rarely successful. This is why weight management coaching proves to be more successful than unsupportet dieting.

How to become highly motivated?

Ask yourself why you want to slim down. Make notes of all the answers that come to your mind. Divide them into 2 groups: boring and appealing. However true - the health issue is most likely to be the boring one. The vision however of being able to wear your favourite trousers again, that fit you well 5 years ago, seems to be much more appealing.

From now on - use the appealing group, inspire your imagination and develop the craving... for looking your best.

How to be persistent?

You want to loose your weight and so you want to learn as how to be persistent. But you are persistent already! You must have overeaten persistently if you have weight to be lost! Occassional overeating doesn't lead to being overweight. Can you see the point? You know very well as how to be persistent. It is just a matter of applying it in another area of your life.

Start accepting that eating or not eating lays within your own choice. If you fear the physical hunger, think of it "that is precisely when the process of loosing my weight takes place". You may still feel hungry but at least with the positive feeling of being in control of your slimming process.

Develop 3 enjoyable habits that will support your weight management goals. Make a note of them and put the list somewhere that you will be able to see it many times a day. You will be much more willing to be consistent with something that you enjoy!

How to remain self disciplined?

Keep your self discipline in daily units. Decide how you are willing to support your weight management goals daily. Remember: small steps create great results. Come up with about 10 small steps ideas. Write it down and again - put the list somewhere where you will be able to see it many times a day.

How to adapt long term oriented attitude?

You may wonder as how to adapt long term attitude after being advised to focus on each and single day. There is no contradiction in that. When you make a journey, you more less know your destination and you decide as how you are going to get there. The same is with slimming. You have a particular destination to get to (slimmer you) and journey to make (slimming process). There will be wrong directions and times of feeling lost but it would be highly inpractical to continue marching knowing you are going the opposite direction to where you originally wanted to get. It's all right to make mistakes! Just keep correcting them and learning from them. That's what they are for anyway.

Weight management coaching can help you to develop these personal qualities that in a long term will contribute to natural weight loss and sustaining your desired body weight and shape. Coaching instead of diets? This seems to be the newest trend in weight management that really works.

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