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Losing Weight - A Priority or A Wish

8/26 10:50:32

Have you ever wondered what drives those athletes and millionaires to get up and do the things they do to succeed, day in and day out? Do you wish you had their drive and energy and motivation? Ever wonder how that guy on TV who lost all that weight on Subway sandwiches really did it. Well, he did more than eat Subs all day long. The first thing he did was he got control over his negative emotions and self-defeating beliefs and then I’ll bet you he made losing weight the number one thing in his life.

I believe we all possess the ability to achieve anything we can dream up. It’s just that we don’t always know the process. Losing weight and getting fit requires following the same process as achieving success in almost anything else. Below, are five simple steps that if implemented have the potential to massively change your outlook, your health and your ability to get the results you want.

1. Determine the priority of your health today. Here’s how: Identify the one or two things that are first to be scheduled on your calendar every week, every day and which everything else more or less revolves around? Is it your golf game, tennis, or your children maybe; perhaps its work, school or even the beach? Your answer tells you what’s really important to you today. And somehow you always get those one or two or three things on your calendar and in your day. Call it discipline. But is it really discipline? I believe it is not discipline. Rather, it is focus on something that you have made important. Think about why those things are so important and you begin to unlock the key to your weight loss. You must define WHY losing weight is important to you and it must become equally as important as the first two things on your list. For help with this step, my e-book “Body Mastery, Living In A Body You Like” gives you guidance on how to do this. In fact, these steps are the basis for everything in that book.

2. Define your WHY. You see you have given yourself huge reasons why the activities you identified above are so important. Its importance (the reason you do it) is your motivation, your so called “discipline”. Once you’ve found a big enough WHY discipline becomes your daily routine. You are driven to do it because you have a big enough reason to do it. When you tell yourself you have no discipline or no motivation, what you really mean is that you have not assigned a big enough reason.

3. Understand the Process – Once you’ve committed to change your next big hurdle is knowing what is required for success. Look, it just isn’t going to be found in a pill, powder, or a machine. It’s in your head. Losing fat and keeping the fat away will require mastering the exact same things others before you have mastered in order to lose weight. All of those successful people before you whether they knew it or not had done what you are doing here. They made losing weight a number one priority, they gave themselves compelling, near overwhelming reasons why, and they followed a system that over time would not allow failure. There are more than one “system” that can work, but they all must contain the following for true, long term fat loss: 1.) Eating foods that compliment weight loss, 2.) Adding or maintaining muscle tissue, 3.) Burning fat through exercise. You can look at my system at

4. Record your actions and celebrate them daily. The things that we measure and monitor are the things that improve the most. No exceptions. Recording actions and results will tell the story, not a mirror or a scale or even this week’s ailment. If you are doing the actions consistently the change is occurring. I guarantee it. Celebrate the doing for today and don’t worry about the visible results. The results will manifest in time. Find a way that you can quickly measure and record your results. In my Body Mastery system I recommend two ways that allow you to know exactly how you are doing all day long. Constant feedback is key.

5. Develop a personal accountability system. You need a way to hold yourself accountable to doing the important actions. That does not mean beat yourself up for not being perfect. It means developing a system that keeps you true to your commitment to a life of healthy living. In my seminars, online coaching and my e-book Body Mastery, Living In A Body You Liketm, I show people how to make themselves accountable to another person. This ever so slight pressure to fulfill a pre-arranged commitment has astonishing results.

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