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Staying on track with weight loss and fitness goals.

8/26 10:50:05

Staying on track.

When most people start a weight loss program they jump in and make many changes all at once. They say “I will start working out everyday; I am giving up all carbs, caffeine, and no more snacking in between meals.” What happens next? Within one week they will have pulled a muscle and can’t work out. They will be craving carbs with an intense hunger they have never felt before. They will have had migraines from caffeine withdrawal and they will be snacking on cookies.

Why do I sound so skeptical? Because I have seen thousands of people do this countless times. Weight management is a lifestyle not an event. You have to design a life that supports a healthy body. This takes time, maybe even years to cultivate.

We are used to instant gratification and we are fortunate enough to live in society that renders results quickly in so many ways. You can walk up to a machine and with a swipe of a plastic card have cash within seconds. You can walk into the world’s best grocery store Wegmans (in Rochester, NY) and have a healthy gourmet meal ready to serve to your family. We are blessed this is a fact. But when it comes to your weight, you still have to do it the old fashion way. It takes time to lose weight. And if you try to make 180 degree shift, it will take even longer.

This is because it will be difficult to sustain a change that is too painful or inconvenient. You are far better off making a small change and integrating into your life then moving on to another small change and integrating that one. I always tell my clients I am not asking you to make 180 degree shift, only a 5 degree shift. A plane that is 3 degrees off course will arrive in a completely different country. If you make a small shift and keep it consistent over time you will make great progress.

If you are struggling than maybe you are doing too much too fast, make a small shift. Don’t worry about being off course, as long as you on course more than off you will be fine over the long run. An airplane in off course far more than on course, it has to consistently redirect to reach the desired destination. Trust me the same is true with your weight, as long as you on track more than off and you are making progress then over time you will arrive to your destination.

So don’t be so hard on yourself, decide what small shift you are able to make today that you know will add up over time. Here are some small shifts that make a big difference over time. Pick one: replace breakfast with a protein drink, have breakfast if you skip it, don’t eat after 7:00 pm, have a balance of protein and carbs when you eat, avoid white flour, avoid white sugar, don’t drink soda pop, only snack of fruits or veggies, go for a walk 4 times per week.

The above mentioned suggestions have each made a difference in people’s lives. Imagine what would happen if you applied one for an entire year!

Good Luck and God Bless,

Rosa Smith-Montanaro
Virtual Weight Loss Coach
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