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The Apples And Oranges Of Weightloss

8/26 10:42:36

In today’s hurried, hectic and often fast paced world, trying to compare weight loss products and the multitude of products available on the market is like comparing “Apples to Oranges”. The over abundance of products out there that promise to help people lose weight and decide which one(s) are right for them is mind numbing at best. Many articles have been written on this very subject, but I will attempt to address the most basic – yet most critical aspect of safe and effective weight loss. And that is the aspect of lifestyle change.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 129.6 Million Americans or 64% are either obese or overweight. This figure is not only alarming, but also staggering. Americans give very little, if any consideration to their diets, and wellness needs. Choosing rather to have that quick Big Mac or Whopper versus sensible and safe meal choices or sound nutritional supplementation. Being overweight and having little regard for nutrition can and will lead to serious future health concerns and even lower self-esteem.

Don’t get me wrong. Literally billions of dollars are spent annually on the “latest and greatest” gadgets, machines, pills, supplement and “fad diets” promising results all in the name of the “quick fix”. Many health and wellness companies are doing the American public a gross injustice in the name of greed and commercialization.

We are bombarded daily with magazine ads and “infomercials” about Ab machines, great new diets, etc., even Subway and Jarred have gotten in on the hype of fitness and weight loss craze, all the while, promising us that if we use their products, we are “guaranteed” to lose the weight, etc. etc. They almost always however, neglect the real need and that is of LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Only consumption of their products.

Americans are desperate for results. And the time to act is NOW rather than later when serious health problems make it virtually impossible. I would like to share with you a company that not only provides the products that work, but is impassioned with the philosophy of complete lifestyle change through sound, safe and effective nutritional supplementation. That company is AdvoCare. Established in 1993, by Charlie Ragus, Advocare has been committed to providing premium health, wellness and weight loss products that are completely safe. The products work and are all tested by AdvoCare’s highly respected Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

AdvoCare is NOT a Diet. It is a complete healthy lifestyle change coupled with taking the products correctly and consistently. It is an investment in your health and wellness today so you don’t have to potentially spend thousands of dollars later to combat the many health issues related to being overweight. To achieve maximum and safe results takes a time proven product that works, a conscious choice, time and commitment to make that lifestyle change. This is crucial if we are to achieve sensible, safe and lasting weight loss.

When evaluating a weight loss product or company, ensure that your goals are realistic and the products or system that you are choosing can help you reach those goals. Does the program enable you to develop healthy sensible eating habits around ordinary food from the grocery store or forcing you to buy pre-packaged foods? Unrealistic expectations can be frustrating. Make certain that the products that you choose can sensibly and methodically help you achieve your goals. AdvoCare is a company that does just that. By promoting a holistic approach to wellness and sound nutritional supplementation, positive results can be achieved and a healthier lifestyle can result.

If you have tried everything else with unsatisfactory results, you owe it to yourself to discover the world of AdvoCare. Testimonial after testimonial can be found and real people are discovering daily the positive difference that the products and philosophies of AdvoCare have on their lives.

Galen P. Sanderson
AdvoCare Independent Advisor

The author is an Independent Advisor with AdvoCare Health and Wellness. He can be reached at (803) 517-6420 or at: galen@advocare-products.com His personal AdvoCare website can be located at: http://www.advocare.com/0508136

No part of this article may be used, copied or distributed without express consent of the author.

Copyright 2006 By Galen P. Sanderson

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