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The Difference Between A Detox And A Diet

8/26 10:41:12

When you eat properly and provide your body with proper nutrition, your body stops thinking that it needs to hold onto every ounce of fat you consume to keep you from starving. It no longer believes that you’re in danger of dying and it begins to utilize the nutrients that you consume instead of saving them up and creating more fat.

The difference between diets that promote good nutrition and those that promote starvation is that the starvation diets, like Atkins, cause you to gain back that weight. When you nourish your body properly, it will release the excess fat that is has been keeping in store. In fact, if you provide your body with enough nutrients, it will even begin ridding itself of all the toxins that exist in your body. All of this happens naturally and it doesn’t mean you have to eat grapefruit three times a day or that you have to give up your beloved bread. It happens without a whole lot of effort, in fact.

Detoxing is different from dieting because you are actually cleansing your body of the toxins rather than limiting yourself on what you eat. And, one of the natural effects of detoxing is that you actually lose weight because you are losing all of those nasty toxins. Your body does this naturally because it is no longer concerned about you starving it to death on the Atkins diet or a calorie counting diet.

If you look back at your grandparents and how they lived you may find that most of them didn’t have much of a weight problem. Most of them also employed some sort of cleansing practice that kept their vital organs functioning at top speed. They also know that you can use natural methods to flush harmful substances out of your body. These practices are common in all industrial countries, but are not as common today as they were back then. It’s amazing how much better you can make yourself feel if you look back in history at your grandparents and forbears manner of caring for their bodies and see how healthy they really were and how they got there.

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