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Are you hungry for weight loss success as much as food?

8/26 10:39:35

One of the biggest struggles with dieting is fighting the feeling of being hungry – or so it seems. Many times we say, or think, we are hungry when in reality we aren’t hungry at all. When I think of the times I struggle with this perceived “hunger” I think of the “late night munchies”. This is the time I snack the most and act like I’m the hungriest - yet it’s normally the time I am most full.

Let’s face it. We are a comfortable, spoiled nation. We often look for any excuse to avoid the slightest hunger pain or even thought of hunger. We rarely deny ourselves much of anything these days, and food is no exception.

I think of the shopping analogy. I normally buy the most clothes when I am thinking about my wardrobe the most. When I allow myself to focus on shopping, suddenly I have a “hunger” to buy something. This is normally fueled by fashion magazines, going to the mall or even hanging out with friends that shop a lot. These are also the times I tend to impulse buy and make bad choices. This same pattern applies to eating.

Backing up, let’s address the late night munchies. Steve said it best, “I know I am not going to starve, but here I am standing in front of the fridge, door wide open, and searching for the one thing that is ‘low in calories’ that will ‘fill me up’ so I won’t have to ‘feel hungry’. I just freakin’ ate an hour ago. I AM NOT HUNGRY!”

When I analyze the nights we have the biggest cravings, it's typically when we have been feeding the cravings the most. When I start shopping I struggle to stop. When I start snacking at night I think about snacking more. Then when I try to go without, I feel like I am depriving myself – like I’m missing out on something. When in reality, I’m missing out on something even greater than the temporary satisfaction of food. I’m depriving myself of long-term success.

“What is so wrong with associating a little hunger with accomplishing our goals instead of losing something” Steve said. “That feeling of hunger should remind us we are on the right track.” Once we gain control over our minds we gain control over our bodies. Victory comes when you crave success as much as you crave chocolate.

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