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French Slimming Secrets: How They Fit Into Their Skinny Jeans

8/26 10:39:06

You've heard about it before, the so-called French Paradox. Its the term given to the observation that the French eat foods high in fat (some Brie, anyone?), eat chocolate, drink wine, don't hit the gym, and turn their noses up at the mere mention of the word "diet" - yet they have a much lower rate of heart disease, diabetes (and many other diseases) while they fit into their darn skinny jeans! 
So HOW Do They Do it?
Well, to start off they eat without guilt. Yup, that's right. In all the years I lived in France I never once saw or heard a French woman say "oh no, I really shouldn't have that piece of cake.....but since it's your birthday, go ahead and cut me a slice, just a small slice." No, never, jamais, did I hear that out of a French woman's mouth.
How many of YOU have done that, or said something similar? 
Relish the Whole Experience 
The French will happily take the piece of cake, eat it, and enjoy every morsel. They relish in the whole experience. Yes, you heard me right - the experience. Eating in France is considered an experience and thus something to be enjoyed.
Other women, on the other hand, will take that piece of cake, eat it without much thought, then feel guilty, and sometimes that guilt turns into a second piece! We think, "what the heck, I already ate one piece, so what's ONE MORE?" 
Eat Slow, Savor, and Be Satisfied
The French will eat the cake slowly, savor it, and feel satisfied when done. No guilt, no remorse. What's more, they eat a small piece, don't go for seconds, and do it only occasionally. It's saved for something special, like a birthday or dinner with friends. The difference is, they truly enjoy every moment.
So next time there IS a special occasion and you want to have a piece of cake to celebrate - go ahead! Just enjoy it while eating it, keep it to one piece, and don't feel bad afterwards. Both your body and mind will thank you for it!
© 2008 Dinneen Diette

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