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Do You Deserve to Be Thin?

8/26 10:33:36

Is a thin body really an option open to everyone? Or are there some people more deserving than others? How deserving are you of having a thin body? Now this might seem like an absurd line of questioning at first glance, but a surprising number of people don't truly feel like they deserve to be thin, or dare I say have an "ideal" body weight and this has led them to have difficulty losing weight or to gain weight back after losing it.

How can I be thin when my life is so screwed up?

We have created the idea that "thin equals perfection", and we expand this to mean that if you are thin, then your life is peachy keen and nothing but good things happen to you. Just think of how the typical Hollywood star is viewed: rich, great social life, loved by all, fabulous home and of course, a great body. Therefore, if there is anything going wrong in your life such as: financial troubles, social anxiety, a bad relationship, emotional eating episodes, trouble with your kids or getting yelled at by your boss then you feel like you don't deserve to be thin because your life is far from perfect.

You can lose weight but it feels inauthentic, like you are fooling yourself or trying to fool others with this perfect exterior. When you are overweight it actually feels right because it more accurately matches the way you feel about yourself inside.

Well, the fact is that everyone deserves to be thin if that is what they desire, not everyone does of course but if you do then your internal picture of yourself must match your external picture in order for you to feel deserving. You must learn to truly love yourself on the inside before you can appreciate and love your body's appearance. The simplest way to build this love is to develop a gratitude habit. Every morning list 5 things you appreciate about your body. Your gratitude list doesn't have to include only what you like about the appearance of your body, it can also be about how your body functions.

Is your body free of disease? Are you happy you have a strong and pain-free back? Do you have a great smile or pretty eyes? Are your arms strong enough to bear hug your child or grandchild? What is it about you when you look in the mirror that gives you that sense that the person looking back is a good person who is worthy of feeling good?

When you start to truly appreciate and express gratitude for the perfect and wonderful creation you already live in you will be able to feel grateful and deserving of having an exterior that matches. You do deserve to have the body you desire but the work must be done from the inside out.

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