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Simple Tips to Healthy Eating

8/26 10:31:10

Healthy eating has become one of the latest trends with many organic stores and products now available. However, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to shop at a specialty store or opt for bland foods. You can learn to eat right with the foods at your local grocery store. These tips will get you started and on your way to lose weight and get fit.

Healthy Eating Tip #1


Eliminating all sugar may be near impossible but you want to minimize your sugar intake. Refined sugar offers no nutritional value and is high in calories. These empty calories add up quickly and can lead to weight gain. Clean out the cupboards of the sweet snacks and try replacing them with sugar free alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth now and again.

Check your drinks as well. Regular flavored sodas can have up to 10 teaspoons of sugar and over 100 calories in just one can. Watch the calorie content of fruit drinks as well. Although this form of sugar is more natural, the fruit drinks can also have added sugar and are high in calories. A great healthy alternative is water. Your body needs to stay hydrated to stay fit and healthy, so swap out the sodas and juices for water.

Healthy Eating Tip #2

Natures Best

Foods in their natural state offer you the most nutritional value for the calories. Selecting foods in their most natural state are packed with vitamins and minerals and also offer the added benefit of burning more calories and fat. Select whole grain breads and cereals and opt for fresh fruit instead of dried or processed. You can also make processed foods more natural by selecting foods that limit or eliminate additives or sugars. Learn to read food labels and look at the ingredients.

Healthy Eating Tip #3

Make it Colorful

You need over 40 different nutrients each day and no one food can provide this. So make your food selections varied and colorful. Your vegetables can be a rainbow of colors by selecting greens, reds, oranges, yellows and other colors. This is also true of fruits. Select from citrus fruits to high fiber fruits. Make your protein choices varied as well opting from red meats (lean of course) to white meats. Include some eggs, tofu and beans for a great source of protein.

Healthy Eating Tip #4

Make it Super

Add some super foods to your recipes. What are super foods you ask? Well, super foods are really just the latest buzz words being used in the weight loss arena. What they refer to are foods that can help speed up your metabolism and rev up your fat burning furnace. Certain foods, like hot peppers, low fat or fat free dairy products and high fiber foods can help you burn fat faster. Additionally, there are foods with vitamins and minerals that can keep your metabolism going and burn more calories.

So learn to eat healthy, burn fat and calories and lose weight. You can use these metabolism booster foods to help you eat healthy and lose weight.

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