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How to Melt Stomach Fat

8/26 10:31:06

The dreaded spare tire. We all hate the belly fat we tend to gain as we get older. Metabolism decreases as we age, and one area we all tend to get extra weight storage is in the abdomen area. So how do we combat that? What is the secret to a flat stomach?

Well, first of all, within the world of exercise, there is no magic remedy for weight loss, particularly spot reduction weight loss. Simply doing a thousand or a million crunches a day will not melt that waistline. The key is to incorporate cardio, aerobic exercises to your regiment, along with your million crunches. You have to burn the excess fat before you can build the muscle.

Yes, there is that awful ‘e’ word again. Exercise. Get used to hearing it. Get used to doing it. Exercise is the only way to weight loss. Not to be outdone by exercise, you need to bring weight training into the mix as well. Building muscles will help you burn more calories and fat will at rest. How is this? Increased muscle mass requires more fuel for maintenance during periods of rest, so by building more lean muscle mass, you can increase your fat and caloric burning while at rest.

You will also need a healthy diet. Eating properly and not consuming high caloric, high fat foods will help you lose the weight you want. Eating a diet high in fiber, fruit, vegetables and lean meat will adjust your body into discovering alternate means of fuel, which means it will begin to eat away the fat you have stored. Try to stay away from sugary, enriched and processed foods as they can derail a diet and exercise program quickly. Remember that fat storage is generally caused by an excess of sugar in the body. When you eat a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates, your body converts them into sugars then stores them for future energy sources. Extra sugar means extra fat storage, which means an ever expanding waistline.

There are means to spot reduce which are not always the healthiest. You could seek out medical attention, if you are so inclined. Certain procedures claim to help with weight loss and resculpting the body, but it means an invasive surgery that could end up doing more harm than good to your body. When making the decision to go in for cosmetic surgery, research your doctors, get referrals, and do not make your decision quickly. Take time to think it through, because you are leaving your life in someone else’s hands. The safest, healthiest way to lose the weight is through diet and exercise. The quick fix is costly, painful and could provide unsatisfactorary results.

It will be difficult to begin with; no process is going to be easy to begin with. You will be sore when you begin your exercise program, but once you get into the habit, you will find that you enjoy and actually miss your exercising program when you can’t get to it.

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