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Book Review: Making the Cut

8/26 10:30:28

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Dieting and Weight Loss. Dieting and Weight Loss is the regulation and limitation of food in order to improve physical condition and health. Dr. Ron Spallone and Roger Asmus are the Official Guides to Dieting and Weight Loss.

Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You, by Jillian Michaels, is a valuable resource for people interested in Dieting and Weight Loss, and it is available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Book Description

You’ve seen her change lives on The Biggest Loser–why not yours?

Are you in good shape but struggling with those last ten to twenty pounds? Do you have an event on the calendar where you’d love to make jaws drop? Or do you just want to see what it would be like to have the best body you’ve ever had? Then you need to discover what millions who’ve seen Jillian’s training methods on The Biggest Loser already know!

Making the Cut empowers you to:

• Identify your unique body type and metabolic makeup (are you a fast, slow, or balanced oxidizer?) and customize a diet plan that is perfect for you
• Acquire the mental techniques that will greatly enhance your self-confidence and sharpen your focus on success
• Develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance
• Reach levels of fitness you never before thought possible

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