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Get Through the Day with These Healthy Meal Plan Secrets

8/26 10:29:23

Are you sick and tired of nutritionists and so-called health experts that promote really poor nutrition advice to the average person on the street who just wants to lose their belly fat? I know I am.

I was recently reading some nutrition advice in Sydney’s biggest weekend newspaper advising a reader to substitute their chocolate and chips fix in the afternoon for corns thins with peanut butter or a nut bar. C'mon, you've got to be joking!

You can eat those foods if you want to give your belly fat another reason to stick around like an unwelcome pest.

However, if you are like most people looking for weight loss success then you need to forget about this rubbish and focus on some real world fat loss advice from a fat loss expert that gets results for a living.

Instead of snacking on that processed rubbish which is definitely not going to help your weight loss success, try a handful of raw, unsalted nuts and a piece of fruit. I also love eating a carrot stick with hommus for added protein.

For those of you who are used to having your breakfast cereal and toast in the morning (because that is what we’ve been told is healthy right?), the perfect alternative is some eggs or if you cannot stomach a hot breakfast why not try some Greek or natural yoghurt with fruit and add in some nuts for extra protein.

The sandwich option that you were told is good for you for lunch is not really that crash hot, so how about a salad filled with plenty of vegetables and a protein source like chicken breast, or you can even throw in a tin of salmon, tuna or even mixed beans on top to give you some protein. Last nights left overs will even suit.

If you love a good pasta for dinner why not try the gluten free pasta. It tastes exactly the same as normal wheat pasta and you can still have your Italian fix without sabotaging your fat loss results and ending up with a big bloated belly.

Better yet, aim for some steamed vegetables and grilled protein source like salmon or chicken. Quick and easy to prepare and it tastes great.

Try this great alternative to peanut butter is a nut spread that is just nuts crushed up into a spread. It is oily like it should be and has no added nasties like peanut butter and it even tastes better! Try it with some frozen berries for a healthy desert option if you have a sweet tooth. It works.

Your new healthy meal plan will ensure that you are well and truly on the road to getting the body that you deserve. Forget about the local nutritionist and follow the fat loss expert who gets results. Trust me on this one!

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