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What is Good Food and What is Bad Food?

8/26 10:28:27

All diets start with the same sentence: You have eaten wrong food, that is the reason why you gained weight. This is not accurate. You may have eaten some wrong food, but if you managed to exercise the calories away, you are not overweight. The problem with the diet trend and the nutrition craze is that much is assumed and even more obscured, leading you to believe that the new book, for only nineteen ninety five, will provide you with the illuminating answer.

Why is some food wrong?
Some food may be wrong, simply because it overloads your body with stuff you do not need or will not use. For instance, if you eat French fries, they are soaked in some cheap frying oil, overly salted and burnt beyond recognition, all nutrients toasted away. If you really like French fries, try roasting them in your oven, instead of using a fryer.

Most, if not all, soda drinks are nutritionally completely worthless. But some are borderline dangerous. Any soda with sugar is a candy bar of calories in a can, which will spike your blood sugar level into Nirvana, but once it spikes down, you’ll get so hungry, you will need to eat again, although you have ingested with that one drink enough calories for a small meal. All additional food is going straight to your thighs. Diet drinks are no better, they only provide no additional calories, but give you plenty of toxins, if you ever wondered why you have cellulite, although you are on a diet, peg your diet soda for the culprit.

Generally all fried food is useless and just gives you toxins and fat. Processed food is loaded with materials which are actually toxic, most of them are loaded with salts and similar problematic nutrients which are basically good, but not in excess amounts. All sweets are bad for you, because they spike your sugar level and you will eat too much. There is nothing you can do, it’s a scientific fact. Eat some fruit, they taste sweet and will help you get over your cravings.

Good food is pretty much everything else. If you can keep your nutrients leveled, your crabs, fats, proteins and fibers and if you avoid as much of the bad food as you can; with some exercise added to your routine, you will be losing weight in no time.

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