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Diet or Health - Which One Do You Chose?

8/26 10:28:26

Unfortunately for many, diets do not come with a label saying “this diet is hazardous to your health, use it only under strict supervision”. The current craze that has overcome the world, projecting impossible ideals and unreachable goals pertaining to the weight and appearance issues, has brought nothing but trouble. On one side you have all those people who look like movie stars, on the other you have people who are ranging from overweight to morbidly obese. The slim ones complain how they never get to eat anything, the overweight ones complain how they are constantly on a diet, but to no avail.
The diet and exercise industry is a multibillion dollar industry and it is only logical that many people are in it just for the money. Just like in every other industry, such money vultures are only looking for fast cash and do not consider the damages they cause to common people.

Industrialization has brought many good things, but also many bad things to people. To name a few relevant bad things, allow me to list processed food, fast food, soda drinks and tobacco.
Looking back in time, our forefathers were mostly not obese. They did eat all kind of food we would now consider fattening, they ate a lot of it, but they do not look terrible on the old photographs or paintings. At that time, there were different beauty ideals, but morbidly obese people were widely unknown. What happened?

Frying happened, additives happened, industrialization happened, money became more valuable than people that is what happened. For instance, instead of putting natural lemon juice, which can also work as a preservative, additives of chemical origin are put into the food, with artificial lemon taste available as well. These additives are toxic to the body and can remain in the stored fat or water for a while, making the shedding of excess fat or water harder. Does for instance cellulite ring a bell?

Modern sweets are so packed with sugar; the smallest serving is already loaded with a calorie count that could keep a small Ethiopian village alive for a week. Why do they put so much sugar in there? Well, with the soda drink in your other hand, which is even sweeter, you would not perceive the sweet you are eating as sweet at all.

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