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Fresh Fruit Helps Fast Weight Loss

8/26 10:28:03

Can you lose weight as part of a fitness exercise program just by eating more fruit? Yes, you can. There are a number of remarkable fruits which can increase your vitamin C level and help you lose weight as well. Here are four of the best:


This is one of the best fruits for slimming. Research has shown that on average people eating a grapefruit with each meal lose over 3 pounds in 12 weeks, Drinking grapefruit juice three times a day has the same result. This may not be spectacular but it is certainly worth having as a supplement to a fitness exercise program and a more healthy diet generally. Grapefruit can also lower your levels of insulin, reducing the risk of diabetes and stroke. It is also said to be good for the heart. There is, however, just one proviso. Avoid grapefruit juice if you are on medication as it can block enzymes in the intestines that normally break down drugs. If in doubt ask your doctor.


This is another good one. Pomegranates are nutrient rich and contain antioxidants which can slow the aging effects of free radicals. The antioxidants help stop fatty deposits building up in the arteries over time. If you are eating a moderately low fat diet anyway, this can provide more protection against blood clots, strokes and heart disease. Not only that, one pomegranate can supply up to 16% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.

Eating pomegranates helps speed up the movement of food along the digestive tract, which is a good thing in avoiding the storage of fat.

Pomegranates can fight fatigue, increase energy levels and even improve the quality of your skin. Be aware, however, that pomegranate juice is fairly high in calories, so only eat one or two a day.


An apple a day may well keep the doctor away. They are low in calories and fat, low in sodium and contain vitamins and minerals as well as fibre. The fibre fills the stomach and limit’s the amount of food eaten. Apples have a high water content and consuming more water can prevent food cravings.
Eating five or more apples a week has also been found to improve lung function. The antioxidants in apples may be important in protecting the lungs from the harmful effects of atmospheric pollution.


These have a reputation for high fat, but it is monounsaturated fats - which lower cholesterol levels and are said to be good for the complexion. Avocados also contain vegetable protein oil, 11 different vitamins, including vitamins E and C, and 17 trace elements. They help supply bulk to your diet and may decrease your consumption of less healthy food. But only eat one a day.

So these are four of the best fruits to form part of your diet. We all need to eat fruit for its many healthy elements and these are just some of those you can eat to keep fit and lose weight with your fitness exercise program at the same time.

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