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Tough Love Weight Loss

8/26 10:28:02

I sat down today to write my typical article about weight loss motivation, weight loss recipes, setting realistic weight loss goals, among other weight loss topics however I changed my mind. I decided not to pass on great weight loss advice instead I decided to get you to get real about your weight loss.

As a weight loss consultant I dedicate a block of my time each day to stroll through the message boards and answer weight loss questions. I enjoy my job and I enjoy giving people advice that will steer them in the right direction when it comes to dropping the pounds and keeping them off. The message boards are my instant gratification treat to myself in between client emails, writing articles, and keeping my followers on twitter up to tweet speed. I get to solve a problem to a question from someone in need of weight loss guidance in an instant.

Here is the issue I am running into and why I decided I need to show my tough love with you regarding losing weight.

I keep coming across the same questions over and over. It seems that everyone wants to drop the pounds tomorrow. Come on please you did not put it on that fast how can you possibly take it off that fast? As you see I used a Perfect example of what instant gratification is above. You can not get instant gratification with weight loss.

Let me clear this up right now and answer the most common questions asked regarding weight loss. No, you can not go two weeks without eating. No, diet pills do not work. No, a juice diet will not work. No, eating only 1000 calories a day will not help you. No, working out like crazy and eating only protein will not help you lose weight. I am hoping you are getting the hint here on where I am going. These ideas are just ridicules.

There is serious health risks involved with fad diets. Some of the suggested diets can cause you to suffer from heart attacks. You could develop an eating disorder. Your body could start eating off of your vital organs. These things can kill you.

In addition to the fact that these so called miracle diets can kill you, if that wasn’t enough to make you turn away. Each of these fad diets will help you gain weight. Yes, you read that right you will gain weight with each fad diet you try.

Think about it, you can only go so long on a juice diet. Sure you will lose weight while you are doing it but what happens when you start to eat again? One, you will over compensate and two you just made it easier for your body to gain weight by playing with you metabolism. Each and every fad diet will have the same effect you will gain weight. Each time you do a new fad diet you will make it harder to even lose a fraction of the weight you put on from the first fad diet.

Losing weight starts with you. You have to put all unrealistic expectations out the window and get real. You can lose weight and still eat regular foods. You can lose weight without going to the gym for hours at a time. You would be amazed at how easy losing weight really is once you get on the right track. I implore you to forget about the way you think about diets and take a fresh approach to your weight loss journey. You certainly won’t lose 30 pounds in 30 days but with the proper guidance you will learn to safely lose the weight, reach your goal, and keep it off.

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