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Natural Weight Balancing

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This program is designed to utilize fat as energy and cut our unnatural cravings for sugar. In the beginning it will be difficult to make this transition. Use phases 1-3 interchangeably until it becomes effortless. If lunch is big and there is no hunger in the evening, move to phase three. If evening hunger persists do phase one or two. Soon it will become easy to do phase two or three for weeks at a time and metabolize stored fat. Once the desired weight is established then you can maintain that weight effortlessly with phase one or a light evening meal of your choice. Once in a while, you can enjoy a big dinner, just eat a light lunch and enjoy yourself. It is what you do every day that will make a difference.

By completing your last meal of the day at 6 PM, you are truly fasting for 13 hours (until around 7am the following morning). You then break that 13 hour fast with break-fast. During that 13 hour fast, by definition, you will be burning fat and balancing your blood sugar, moods and energy. As your body becomes more stable with this program, you will gracefully be able to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 to Phase 3. Significant weight loss will happen in Phase 3 where the fast from lunch to breakfast is 17 hours; however you can expect to see weight loss in Phases 1 & 2.
If you’re unable to do Phase 1 comfortably, meaning you can’t survive with the soup/salad/fruit routine, you may have a blood sugar imbalance in which case you need a more substantial meal.

Fruit. (If unable to sustain energy on just fruit add small portions of toast, cereal or eggs.) Breakfast has to be large enough to get you to lunch without hunger pangs. Morning exercise before breakfast will help sustain energy through the morning.

Make it the largest meal of the day. For example: Rice, chicken, vegetables, salad, soup, dessert and herb tea. It should be a complete, large and satisfying meal. During this meal you must relax and not watch TV, open mail, drive your car or talk on the phone. For the body to digest a large meal and provide energy, you must relax during the meal and take five to ten minutes of rest after the meal before going back into your day. If you get tired after a large meal see optional section.

(Supplemental – before 6:00pm)
To re-educate the body to burn fat as energy rather then craving sugar and breads, this is the most important time of the day. Most importantly this process must be effortless. If you strain to not eat then the body’s emergency response will trigger cravings for more sugar (emergency fuel) and store the very fat we are trying to burn. So progress from phases one to three only if it is effortless.

Eat soup, salad or fruit for supper. This will only be easy if the lunch meal is large, relaxed and satisfying.

If phase one is easy. After five o'clock PM, eat only liquids. For example, fruit or vegetable juice, water or herb tea with honey.

Only if steps one and two are established effortlessly do you attempt phase three: Drink 3-6 liters of water from lunch to breakfast the next morning. Herb tea with honey in the evening is OK. To offset hunger pangs drink eight full ounces at one time every hour or two from the lunch meal to bedtime. Phase three allows the body to fast from lunch to break-fast where the fast is broken and fat is forced to be burned for energy.

Try to stay on phase two or three for four weeks or longer for best results. Or use phases 1, 2, 3, interchangeably.

VERY IMPORTANT: The kitchen closes at 6pm. It is extremely important that those light dinners not be consumed after that time, as the body is moving to a different period of activity, namely rest. Ideally, you’re moving to a liquid or no dinner, but at the very least, help control the late night cravings with a large glass of water and even shift that bedtime a little earlier if you can.

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