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Missing link to fat loss

8/26 10:24:32

Ever wondered why diets never seem to work for permanent results? Have you tried and failed to lose weight or shift stubborn body fat in the past by counting calories, weighing food, eliminating food groups and exercising like mad? I recommend the first and one of the most important actions to take to fight the fat is to set goals and ask yourself the reasons why you want fat loss.
If you want guaranteed results in a speedy fashion you need to know which direction to take and avoid making the same mistakes other dieters make by not setting clear goals. After all you wouldn’t dream of going on a road trip to a brand new destination without turning on the Sat Nav in your vehicle would you? So why should it be different when embarking on a body transformation journey?

These are the main questions you need to ask yourself in order to succeed.

1. What Do You Want To Look Like? Write this down; describe everything in the finest detail and compare it to where you are now, don’t forget to describe your feelings now and how you will feel like once you reach your goal. Once you write down the changes you would like to see it is easier for the mind to accept and become comfortable with in order to make the steps to make it happen. I believe if you do this you will be using a very powerful psychological leap forward and according to my research is a routine almost all self-made millionaires and successful people have used.

2. What Time Frame Do You Want This To Happen? Be realistic but don’t be too conservative, a bit of pressure is good. If you fail to set a time on your goal you are less likely to accomplish what you set out to achieve because you haven’t any need to rush which could make you lazy. Never throw away the chance of an extra motivational tool. Weeks and months up to a wedding, birthday or holiday are all great targets to aim for.

3. Who Are You Doing This For and Why? Is it for your health & happiness, family/partner or for your career? Once you find the trigger point you have another motivational tool. There is no better motivation for doing something than to do it to impress someone you care about. But the bottom line is if you don’t want fat loss for yourself then you are not ready to take the steps needed to succeed. You must genuinely want it enough to take the action required.

The above guidelines for successful fat loss are all free. They are overlooked by the quick fix culture but very powerful when used and applied to your goals.

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