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Easy Fat Loss Tricks How to Get in Shape

8/26 10:22:13

Are you tired of the same old boring workout or are you looking for a fitness level that your current exercise routine does not offer? Moreover are you regularly experiencing injuries that don’t seem to heal for long periods of time? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are probably in need for a cross training routine.

After years of extensive research, health experts have been able to conclude that incorporating cross training in a daily workout routine could result in overcoming the monotony of the exercise routine and adding variety to the programme as it integrates many movements in the exercise routine. Cross training also results in varying your aerobic routine and incorporating muscular strength and flexibility.

The three most commonly used cross training activities are swimming, running, and cycling. The essentials of cross training for those who are physically not very fit and for competitive athletes are the same – the routine can be varied from simple workout to workout with new components being added. The best cross training routine could be swimming, walking and cycling on alternate days. These activities could also be incorporated in a single day routine by spending ten minutes on a treadmill, ten minutes on a stationery cycle, ten minutes swimming and some flexibility exercises.

The three basic components of a cross training routine are:

1.Endurance Training:

Endurance training includes exercises to condition and strengthen the heart, blood vessels and lungs to encourage relaxation. Cross training activities would include basic walking and jogging depending on the fitness level.

2.Strength Training:

Strength training includes exercises which help strengthen the muscles. This helps in keeping a good posture and includes cross training activities that encourage those who have already burnt out with a particular cardiovascular training.

3.Flexibility Training:

Flexibility training includes exercises that help in improving the joint mobility and avoid or mitigate aches and pains. These cross training activities include a range of stationary stretching positions that are effective for most people.

The advantages of cross training are numerous which lead to either fitness or fat loss. Cross training helps build up the endurance and strength of lungs, heart and blood vessels, helps in tranquilizing the effect of the nerves and burns up calories which assist in losing weight easily. Cross training also helps in mitigating the risk of injury that could be caused to bones, muscles and joints that are subjected to the stress of a workout. Cross training helps in producing a higher level of all around conditioning of the entire body.

Cross training reduces boredom and adds variety to the workout making it easier to be continued. It also adds flexibility to the daily training program. For example if the weather is not good for jogging, one could opt for cycling or swimming indoors. For many, cross training serves to break the stress from single sport training. Over an extended period of time, cross training is sure to improve overall performance, agility, skill and balance.

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