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Weight Watchers Diet Summarized

8/26 10:18:09

Weight watchers helps you make positive changes to lose weight and keep it off. There are two new and improved Weight Watchers TurnAround plans where you choose the approach that fits you best. Both approaches allow you to eat real food, and there’s no need to purchase pre-made or frozen meals. Each plan is nutritious and satisfying.
You can sign-up on-line for the meeting and for subscription to the Weight Watchers eTools or Weight Watchers Online. You can also sign up for meetings via email or telephone once you locate the meeting nearest you.

Flex Plan
- Eat all the foods you love on the Flex Plan
- Enjoy the full range of food options, while making better choices with the POINTS system.
- Choose any food as long as you control how much you eat.
- Easily handle any challenge, even when choices are limited.

Core Plan
- On the Core Plan focus on healthy foods without counting
- Eat healthy foods from all the food groups, including fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, lean meats and poultry, eggs and dairy products.
- Enjoy satisfying eating without empty calories.
- Have the occasional snack in controlled amounts.

Weight Watchers TurnAround offers options to suit your needs. Recipes and meal ideas are included for both food plans.

The Weight Watchers plan involves 4 stages of exercise for greater personalization: Start out, build up, ramp up and keep going.

- Weight Watchers is based around attending meetings, and then you follow the plan at home using on-line resources.

How Weight Watchers meetings work:
- You attend meetings once a week for less than an hour. There’s no contract, so you pay as you go.
- Each week you have a confidential weigh-in to help you track your progress.
- You learn how to make wise choices, eat healthy and enjoy food and exercise.
- Every week you get new tips and program materials to help you follow TurnAround.
- Coaching and exchange
- Enjoy support from your meetings leader who lost weight with Weight Watchers, is a trained expert in the program and is committed to your success.
- You also benefit from the exchange of tips, recipes and others’ practical experiences.
- As a meeting member, you can sign up for the Internet weight-loss companion for meetings, Weight Watchers eTools.
- Taking the first step
- Getting started is easy. Simply attend a meeting near you.
- Visit a meeting at any time of the year with no obligation and learn more about TurnAround.

- To supplement your meetings and to track your progress at home you will have on-line help with eTools.
- Manage your food and weight
- Chart your progress online and see your rewards as you go with the Weight Tracker.
- Innovative interactive tools help you manage daily food choices and activities.
- Because men and women approach weight loss differently, Weight Watchers Online is specially customized to meet each of their unique needs.
- Discover delicious food options
- Sample over 1,000 delicious Recipes and Meal Ideas.
- Our Restaurant Guide shows you how to make smart dining choices.
- Stay motivated and informed
- Get the information you need to succeed, with daily tips and expert ideas.
- Connect with our free online community, day or night, to stay on track.

- You can follow the Weight Watchers plan all day everyday, even when you’re on-the-go
- It goes everywhere you do: Your favorite tools are there when you need them - on vacation, dining out, at the gym, etc
- It gives you easy shortcuts: Look up foods and manage food choices and activities in just a few clicks.
- It keeps you up to date: Just sync to update your latest entries on your handheld or on WeightWatchers.com.

If you can’t join meetings, a representative will send you plan information and resources so you can follow Weight Watchers TurnAround at home.

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