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Pack on the Pounds with Protein

8/26 10:17:45

As you probably have heard if you have done any amount of bodybuilding at all, it is extremely important for bodybuilders to consume adequate amounts of protein in their diets. Protein is not only helpful in that it is the building block for muscles but it also helps muscles recover and heal both during and after strenuous bodybuilding workouts. It is helpful to consume extra amounts of protein before and after your workout as well so it is usually recommended to supplement your diet with a high quality protein powder. These powders are often mixed in milk or water with whey protein being the most popular choice.

As far as the exact amounts of protein you should consume, thoughts on this vary. By most recommendations, a bodybuilder who is performing extremely taxing strenuous workouts should consume between 1.5 and 2 g of protein or pound of body weight. Now, most of us don't get anywhere near this amount in our regular diet and this is exactly why a protein supplement is recommended. In addition to protein powders, an active bodybuilder can get much of what he or she needs in their regular diet.

Quality protein can be found in many healthy foods including lean chicken, beef, various types of healthy fish, nuts, and of course egg whites. The are many bodybuilders who will eat upwards of 20 egg whites per day to help satisfy their bodies need for extra protein. In addition, it is also common for bodybuilders to keep protein bars with them on a regular basis so that they can add extra protein to their diet throughout the day. In addition to simply building muscle, increasing one's intake of protein can be helpful in losing body fat as well.

It is very common for many people's diets to consist of a large amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are very prevalent in our diet especially considering processed foods and sweets such as sodas and candy. These carbohydrates are often stored by the body as fat because of our inability to use all of them as energy at any given time. Carbohydrates are necessary in the process of building muscle, however, because they provide the glucose needed as it is the main fuel for muscles when performing work. As long as the body is getting enough carbohydrates to provide fuel for the muscles during strenuous workouts, the increased amount of protein a bodybuilder eats can often replace the excess amount of carbohydrates that they don't need. This results in the body oftentimes not getting enough carbohydrates for the total work output that it is doing and it will begin to burn existing body fat as fuel instead. This can result in significant fat loss for the bodybuilder and is a technique they will often use in order to lose the most fat possible and achieve that lean ripped muscular look.

Make sure that if building muscle is your goal that you get adequate protein for your body's needs.

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