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Greek Yogurt Burns Fat!

8/26 10:03:19

So I was searching through my cabinet the other day for my probiotic supplement and realized that I was completely out. For those of you who don't know, probiotics are the good bacteria that helps your stomach function optimally. I'll go over why you should be taking these in just a little bit.

Any who, I've been hearing that Greek Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics. Unlike typical commercial brands of yogurt, Greek Yogurt is 100% natural and is the way yogurt was traditionally made, before the addition of the excessive amounts of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Also unlike commercial yogurts, greek yogurt is packed with protein!

I did some research on it and it looked good, so I went to the store a couple of days ago and bought a brand of greek yogurt called "Chobani." I got the plain kind because it had only 9 grams of naturally occurring sugar and zero grams of fat. Also, for one serving, it had 23 grams of protein and was loaded with healthy bacteria.

I've been eating it for breakfast lately. I add 8 oz (one serving) to a small cup, then add in either sliced almonds or ground flax seeds, and a couple packets of pure stevia. I have to say, it is awesome!

It's pretty much straight up protein and healthy fat (from the almonds or flax seeds). And since I eat this every morning for breakfast now, it leaves the rest of the day open to be able to enjoy the carbohydrate-rich foods that I feel like having, without over eating on them. This is how Greek Yogurt helps to burn fat.

Why should you have probiotics everyday?

Generally, people only take probiotics when they are taking an antibiotic. You see, when you are sick and the doctor tells you to take an antibiotic, the antibiotic kills all bacteria. It can't differentiate between the good and the bad bacteria, so it kills all the bacteria that it can. This means that along with the bad bacteria that is causing you to be ill, it's also killing your healthy intestinal bacteria.

So, the idea is to take a probiotic supplement to replace the good bacteria that the antibiotic destroyed. However, if you think that you should only take a probiotic or eat probiotic-rich foods when you are on medication, think again.

If you eat chicken or steak, and it is not organic, chances are, whether you think so or not, you are taking antibiotics. How? Because the chicken and beef that you are eating most likely has antibiotics in it. And as you now know, antibiotics will destroy your healthy intestinal flora. This is another reason why I began to eat Greek Yogurt EVERY morning.

Yours in health,

James Hallmark

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