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Change For The Better

8/26 9:56:36

2011 arrives on the wings of hope for a better world. Our desires for peace and prosperity echo across oceans and intrinsically entwine us. We join together in a magical dance of growth and expansion.

We look outward and then inward. A new year is a new beginning. We thoughtfully address our personal goals as well. A sound mind and physical fitness are the foundation for all we strive to change and attain.

We ask, “Where do we begin?” Many of us answer, “Weight loss.” We ask, “How?”

Change your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your body concept. Love yourself. Banish negative limiting thoughts. Introduce positive exciting thoughts. Make friends with your mind and body and live in tandem.

Think, “What would it feel like to look and feel good, be healthy and fit, feel vibrant and alive?”

Train your mind to be kind and gentle toward you. Train it to visualize you achieving and maintaining your goal. Appreciate yourself and your good intention; intention is everything. Bless the food you eat; it nourishes your mind and body and brings you comfort. Relax and enjoy it. Trust your body to thrive.

You say, “I’ve followed many diets without success and failed. Why?”

Ignore traditional diet and exercise programs. They’re ineffective; more than 90% of people who attempt to lose weight gain most or all of their loss back. Limiting food and calories in a restrictive diet reduces your metabolism. Your body conserves energy because it senses it is endangered. You feel tired and less like being active. Your instinctive need to survive increases your appetite and you binge when you lose sight of your goal. Your effort is counterproductive.

Weight loss is not a contest. It is not about having will power, counting calories or hitting the gym seven days a week. It is about seeking emotional support and guiltlessly eating high-quality pleasurable food. It is about participating in enjoyable physical activity and addressing and correcting specific health issues.

Weight loss hinges on being attentive to your body’s response to the food you eat. Sugar and fat cravings as well as fatigue, nervousness, insomnia and lethargy are signs of underlying emotional and physical health issues. Some of these conditions are related to low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, poor digestion, and nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

Begin with small steps. Losing weight renders lifelong health benefits.

Eat small amounts of food often; taste it and eat slowly. Keep healthful snacks you personally enjoy available. Drink filtered water every day; shoot for a quantity equal to one-half of your body weight in ounces. Move your bowels at least once or twice each day. Eat a few prunes. They add fiber to your diet and have the potential to strengthen your bones as well. Jump-start your efforts with a one or two week internal cleansing program.

Visit a Certified National Health Practitioner (CNHP). Explore whether underlying health issues hinder your weight loss. Get the emotional support you need along with a healthful eating plan. A CNHP can share methods to help improve and maintain your health as well as bring balance to your mind and body.

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