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Top 5 Immunity Boosters

8/26 9:55:49

When every one around you is falling prey to the common cold, you can sit idly by and wait your turn or you can take action. Below are healthy suggestions for everyday that are crucial as a defense if you are surrounded by illness.

It is no coincidence that cold & flu season falls around the holidays, kicking off after a massive, nation-wide sugar overdose during Halloween, building strength after everyone gorges themselves on turkey and trimmings, taking over during while cocktails and rich foods are served at winter holiday parties and taking down the last of us after we booze it up on New Years Eve. All of these foods are highly acidic, which brings us to the first tip...

If you want to beat the bugs, pass on acidic foods like meat, dairy, eggs, sugary foods, fried foods, processed foods, coffee and alcohol. These foods tax the body in MANY ways. Instead of exhausting your system with acidic foods, save your body's defenses to stave off the bugs you are being exposed to.

How Do I Alkalize?
Alkalizing minerals are found in many fruits and vegetables, but the best source is fresh, organic leafy greens. Below you will find general tips on alkalizing. For a detailed book on the concepts and amazing health that can be achieved through alkalizing check out Dr. Robert Young's Book, The pH Miracle. For easy alkalizing recipes, get your copy of The Delicious Revolution Cookbook.

  • Eat fresh organic leafy greens: massive salads, green juices, smoothies or soups, use lettuce to make wraps instead of processed flour-rich breads.
  • Omit Dairy, meat and conventional eggs: Switch from cow's milk to fresh almond milk. Here is a video on how to make easy, fresh almond milk. Try try a veggie scramble instead of eggs, see the recipe section for quick, simple veggie scrambles.
  • Omit Processed Sugars: If you crave sweets, choose vitamin rich fruits that will BOTH satisfy your sweet tooth and give your body a boost in antioxidants like Vitamin C.
  • Start your day with Fresh squeezed lemon in water: Oddly enough the body is alkalized by fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

At any given time we may be host to several scary sounding microscopic little fellas, but with proper diet and massive hydration we keep their levels low enough that they never grow in numbers large enough to produce symptoms. Keep a steady flow of clean spring water, fresh squeezed juices, organic & caffeine free teas, and young coconut water.

Fluids come in when we hydrate and we keep that flow moving and carrying toxins out when we sweat. We also move lymph through the body during exercise which helps fight off infections. If you are not the type to work up a good sweat when you work out, that's fine, a relaxing stint in the sauna or steam room will work up a toxin-releasing sweat.

Vitamins C, D-3 and B-12 massively support health and aid in combating illness. Check with your health practitioner about what supplements are right for you. I've had great results also adding an immune support probiotic and eating one raw Brazil nut every other day for selenium.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then the people nearest to God must be a healthy crew. You may not be able to reduce your exposure to airborne pathogens, but routine hand washing goes a long way in preventing infection from germs you come into physical contact with. Washing hands before preparing or eating meals, prior to touching your face, and after being in restrooms and public places helps keep you well even when others around you are ill.

Use all 5 of these cold prevention techniques to beat the odds during cold and flu season and stay healthy.

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