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Weight Loss Think Twice Before Deciding Something Vague

8/26 9:43:35

Do you think that you are fat? You look at yourself in front of the mirror and hold your breath; for a second saying " Nahh, I am surely not Obese" Then after some days, relatives who have come from an alien world altogether fail to recognize you in your own crib." Why did that happen? " is the first question that comes to your mind and bang then comes the answer "You have put on a lot of weight since the last time i had seen you." You are either left amazed for a minute or for your whole life. The above phrase depends on what you select. It is YOU who has to decide. Get Slim or Die Trying. The moment one realises that he or she is obese, they tend to do some of the below listed things:-

-Take Weight Loss Pills
-Take Fat Burning Chemicals.
-Hit The Gym
-Cut Down On Food Intake
-Take Supplements instead of Natural Elements
-Cut Down on Junk Food
-Follow a Strict Diet

Now, one needs a reason why should one not do anything listed above, it is predictable unless one is human. Take Weight Loss Pills/Fat Burning Chemicals/Intake of Supplements: Nowadays, there are pills and supplements for literally everything. Want to make something big, choke down a pill, want to lose your weight, take another one. Pills are like opinions, everyone has one. They may give you some results, but in turn also tend to give something extra which you would not like to have. Yes, the consumption of such harmful substances can cause some serious damage to one's body. Many Instances of Liver Damage and Baldness have been Reported across the globe. The new trend is that one has products such Sugar-Free, etc. to save some calories resulting in the intake of harmful chemicals. Hitting The Gym/Follow a Strict Diet: Basic Human Fundamental is of backsliding the whole process in which they gained some extra kilo's by cutting down their consumption of food. In the olden ages, there was nothing known to man such as GYM. Then too they lived long without any disease such as Obesity. The fact rest accepted that we are now living in a new age world, but they didn't have sacrifice anything to live a 100 years. Stop Complaining at once. We aren't the boy scouts anymore for crying out loud. A Person who has an appetite for eating heaps of food at a time, they should eat their heart out. People do not tend to understand that the quantity of food that you cut down will in turn have a drastic effect on their next meal i.e. they end up eating more than what they normally eat. The only right thing that one should do is to take time off from one's normal schedule for exercises. The word 'Exercise' does not mean the use of irrelevant equipments like a Treadmill or a Exercise Bicycle, even walking or taking the stairs instead of the lift can be termed as Exercise. One can try leaving their car at home and walk to the mall/grocery store. Do Yoga when possible. If one is comfortable doing some the above, they will certainly remain in great shape. If one cannot, then they should try one of the Ethical Surgeries listed below:-

-Bariartric Surgery
-Gastric Bypass Surgery
-Weight Loss Surgery

These Surgeries are for people who are Obese and want to get slim real fast; And of course don't want to pay a bomb to look slender. We Are not here to sell a product or anything else. But to make people more aware that if they think they are obese, they better act up. This article is surely not for those girls who even at a slimy 40 kilos think that they have put on weight.

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