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Let’s learn more about how to gain muscle mass

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f you want to change your life and change your body, the first thing you must realize is that all change starts with our thoughts. You must believe you can accomplish what you’re about to accomplish with your body.

The belief itself must be there, even when you’re having doubts or don’t feel particularly motivated to pump iron on certain days. The belief that you will accomplish your goals is primary. But then again belief without action is empty. You must develop the discipline of working out on a daily basis in order to get the result of huge muscle gains.

How do you gain muscle mass? It all starts in your mind.

So now that we’ve got the first part covered let’s move on to some things you can do so you can learn how to gain muscle mass!

Diet for putting on muscle:
You must control your diet. Stay away from complex carbohydrates like white breads as much as you can. Follow proper food combining. That means eat your proteins and starches during different meals. If you haven’t heard much about food combining, just do a google or amazon search for that term. This will help you shed excess body fat while you’re bulking up and adding weight.

Don’t forget to eat your protein. Like I said, I’m a vegetarian weightlifter so I like to eat hempseeds, spirulina, nuts, seeds, sun warrior barely protein powders and such for my protein. But the point is that I get my protein and you need to also if you really want to figure out how to gain muscle mass in the best way possible for your body! Make sure to have a protein shake within 40 minutes of working out.

Workout Routines To Gain Muscle Mass:
There are a lot of theories and ideas on this. You need to do your own research. This website is basically my thoughts to you on which courses and which workout programs have worked wonders for me. The point is to pick a workout course or routine, stick with it at all costs. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

My recommendation is to give the workout routine at least 6 months of persistent dedication. If you give something like a workout routine 110% of your effort, trust me, you’ll be the one in the next before and after photo testimonials. Wouldn’t you love to have a body like that right now?Generally the idea of how to gain muscle mass is two fold:

A) Do lower repetitions with more weight.
B) Change your workout routines every 3 weeks.

When you do lower repetitions and you’re doing a bench press or any other exercise, you’re really tearing the muscle more and putting more strain on it so it actually tears the muscle fibers on a deeper level than on a surface level like if you were to do high reps and low weight.

Lowering your reps causes more trauma and tearing of your muscle fibers, thus it will grow more during the repair phase.

Generally performing high reps with low weight will tone and firm up areas, which is ideal for women. But you’re reading this because you want to learn how to gain muscle mass right? not tone and tighten.

We’ll leave that up to the ladies. If I’m doing a bench press for example I like to do no more than 3 sets of 8 reps. Ideally I like to do 3 sets of 4 reps at the highest possible weight I can lift. I always have a spotter there to support me as well. Don’t do this without a spotter there, you don’t want to drop the barbell on your chest or put any muscles here.

I’ve seen it in the gym and believe me, you don’t want to drop hundreds of pounds onto your chest, and it’s not worth it. If I am lifting 200 pounds in my first week of doing bench press and I’m doing 3 sets of 4 reps, the next week I’ll add more weight and still do 3 sets of 4 reps. Then I’ll do the same thing the third week. Then after the third week, I’ll switch to a different workout machine.Set Goals To Gain Muscle Mass:
It’s important you have goals and a reason why you’re taking time out of your daily life and working out right? Don’t wander aimlessly and float along during your training sessions in the gym. Have realistic weekly goals that you intend on meeting and if possible surpassing. I recommend when people start to keep their goals low and realistic.

I do this for two reasons.

The first one is, if you have a goal you are certain you can reach, you’re going to feel great when you meet it. This keeps you from having doubt and thinking negative thoughts to yourself. Believe me, the time when you’re going to be thinking those thoughts is right before it’s time to workout. Set your goals low to start!

The second reason to keep your goals low is so that you can surpass them and beat them. You’re your own personal record breaker? Who doesn’t like to shatter and break records? Believe me, it feels great when you do!

I hoped I was able to shed some light on how to gain muscle mass and this article helped you out. If you want to achieve incredible results visit this link: Click here to stop reading and get results!

How to gain quick muscle mass
Learning how to gain quick muscle mass is easy. Many times people want to put on muscle quickly because perhaps summer is coming up or they have something coming up soon where they need to look lean, trim, cut and hopefully muscular. To gain quick muscle mass is possible but you won’t be able to get your body to see the kind of changes you would, if you allowed yourself more time to workout in the gym and pump iron for a longer amount of time. But if you want to learn how to gain muscle mass fast here are some ideas:

Eat tons of protein. Have at least a protein shake (I prefer Sun Warrior protein) after each workout with protein powder and a raw egg or 3.
Do a split workout routine 6 days a week. You’ll workout all body parts twice in that week.
Perform low reps and super high weight in order to pack on pounds.
If you want to really learn how to gain muscle mass quickly, there is a great program called muscle gaining secrets you may want to checkout that talks further about gaining muscle mass quickly.

Building muscles fast is possible
If you follow the tips laid out above you should be building muscles fast. But ideally you should allow yourself the time to rest.

Your muscles build and grow during the time when you’re NOT workout out in the gym lifting heavy weights. It’s counter intuitive to think you can be building muscles fast by resting because it feels like you’re lazy.

Muscles need rest. When you’re working out, never let your mind fail you. Your body may fail but if you dig deep into the muscle fibers and tissue, you’ll really allow yourself to build muscles fast. But remember the deeper you dig into the muscle tissue, the more rest you need. If you can’t lift the same amount of weight or more, you haven’t had enough rest.

Building muscles fast is possible if you go about it the right way. I really recommend muscle gaining secrets because this is one of the only courses that gives specific strategies to build your muscles fast. I highly suggest you check it out.

Best way to build muscle mass is…
If you want to know the best way to build muscle mass you have to think counter intuitively. Want to know the truth? The best way to build muscle mass is……REST! You got it. As long as you are working to the point of muscle failure in the gym, then the rest is going to be exactly what you need.

During the rest time is exactly when you need to be feeding yourself lots of protein. Make sure when you eat protein (if it’s meat) you eat grass fed beef. Cows were never meant to eat corn and have their backs sprayed with chemicals, pesticides and growth hormones.

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