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So much has been written about weight-loss that you may wonder why I would bother to write this. Often I have found that I can read about the same problem or issue dozens of times and then someone gives it a different slant or I am more receptive at the time but all of a sudden I “get it” The penny finally drops and I make a huge shift very quickly. Let’s hope this happens for you with these tips.

1) DON’T go on a diet. Create a healthier lifestyle instead, including better food choices. Diets are the perfect antidote to successful weight-loss.

2) DON’T run off and join a gym. Begin with small consistent daily steps and watch those changes take place. (then join a gym if you still want to) Give it 3 months to begin with.

3) STAY OFF the scales. Too many variables. Scales are just one measure of weight loss. There are many others. How you feel, how your clothes fit are just two other measures.

4) DON’T ‘binge fit’. In the same way we binge eat we binge fit – which means we go from doing very little exercise to becoming a gym junkie within a couple of weeks. This doesn’t work in the long term believe me. It’s another form of self sabotage.(see tip 2)

5) THROW OUT all the junk food in your house. Believe me the money you loose by throwing it out will be saved in medical bills later on in life. If you are serious about weight loss then this won’t be a problem.
If you MUST have junk food, have it outside of the house and have it consciously by choice. Apart from junk you can eat almost anything you want to. Remember to poach, steam or stir fry rather than deep fry. Add salad or cooked vegetables with each main meal and watch how much you eat. Smaller plates can help here. Eat less food more often.

6) GET RID of the dairy foods. Dairy foods are one of the biggest cravings for those folks who are attempting to eat healthier. A little yoghurt is ok. Milk in tea or coffee won’t kill you or use soy, oat or rice milk. Dairy is unhealthy in large amounts and should be avoided totally by asthmatics. Cheese, cream or sour cream add an enormous amount of calories to a meal.

7) SAY NO to pasta (especially white pasta). Like dairy or with dairy, pasta is a craving for those of us who have issues around weight gain. I would suggest you avoid it like the plague until you reach goal weight but if you MUST have pasta choose wholemeal or buckwheat and keep portions moderate.

8) BEGIN (or continue) your nutritional education. This way you will be able to make healthier choices (or not). You will call the shots about your personal health and wellbeing. Take the time to become well informed. Become an excuse free zone.

9) DO some soul searching and see where in your life being overweight fulfils a value. What does it give you? Is it attention you long for? Is it success, love, feeling worthy? The only way to face this is head on and open eyed. Face it, see what you can learn and then move on. You are better than whatever the issue is. You deserve to live a life YOU love, on your own terms. Life’s too short to count calories.

10) DON’T beat yourself up about being overweight. Instead, become a Super Sleuth! Find out when this happened, why it continues to bug you and what resources you now have or may need to access to solve this mystery once and for all. Then go and do whatever it takes to take back your life. I believe wholeheartedly that you can do this and I have never met you.
Do you believe in you?

You can read this article and carry on with your day or you can make the decision to design the rest of your life and take one simple action right now. The choice of course is always yours.

Be well and live a life that you love.... Joan

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