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Want to Lose Weight at Work? Try These 3 Sneaky Tricks

8/24 16:49:10

If you want to lose weight at work, you can employ a certain number of sneaky tricks to try to accomplish this, even if it seems that work fails to provide you with opportunities to lose weight. While you clearly cannot lug a stair master machine into the office, there are still some common sense solutions you can pursue if you want to lose weight at work. During the course of your work day, you don't even need to change your routine all that much in order to get in some weight-losing workouts. Here are three sneaky tricks if you want to lose weight at work.

1. Park Some Distance From Your Work

Sometimes, the easiest solutions are also the best and most effective. A piece of advice that has been given out quite often in the past, parking your car some distance from your office is a great way to lose weight at work. The obvious reason is that you have to walk longer distances every day than if you would just handily park right at the doorstep of your office building. As such, by walking more to your place of work, you are actively burning calories, which is one of the best ways to lose weight and even just maintain your weight. The great benefit to this sneaky trick is that you have double the benefit, because when you leave work again, you also have a longer way to walk back to your car.

2. Take the Stairs; Forget the Elevator

Taking the stairs is yet another effective way of getting in some exercise while at work. Instead of taking the elevator to your floor in your office building, just take the stairs. Sure, it will take you a couple of more minutes to get to your floor, but the extra minutes that you spend climbing the stairs will have long-term health benefits that work for the good of your life. Walking up the stairs is a proven method for not only burning calories, but also working out and developing your lower body. In addition, your legs also get stronger and more well-toned, as does your rear end. When you're done working, take the stairs going out of your building, which will be easier since you have gravity on your side.

3. Bring Your Own Lunch

It is an established fact that eating food that you make at home is healthier than eating some of the food that you buy outside, especially if they come from places like fast food restaurants or vending machines. So if you just bring your own lunch from home, you're sparing yourself from getting all the unhealthy elements of all that processed food from outside the home. Eating right may not be exercise, but it still goes a long way to helping you at least maintain your weight.
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