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4 Diet Tips for Vegetarians

8/24 16:49:09

If you're a vegetarian who is trying to lose weight, you may be looking for diet tips. Some vegetarians may believe that they can simply cut back on the amount of food they eat in order to achieve successful weight loss. But in order to achieve optimal results when participating in a vegetarian diet, it is important to include several important nutrients, including protein and fat. Be sure to work with your doctor when engaging in a vegetarian lifestyle.

1. Include Protein

One of the most important tips for vegetarians to keep in mind when making healthy food choices is to remember to include protein in their diet. Since protein is found in abundance in meat sources such as beef, chicken and fish, it is often deficient in individuals who choose to participate in a vegetarian lifestyle. Even though you may not want to include meat in your diet, the protein that is found in meat is important to good health. Remember that protein can also be found in other foods. One of the most abundant suppliers of protein is beans and legumes, such as garbanzo beans, peas and other similar vegetables. Try to get at least one to two servings of one of these items each day in order to meet your protein needs.

2. Include Fat

While fat often gets a bad rap, like protein it is also very important food good health. People sometimes choose a vegetarian diet in an attempt to avoid saturated fats, which are commonly found in meat sources and contribute to many serious health conditions. However, unsaturated fats, which can be found in avocados, nuts, and certain other foods, can actually be highly beneficial for good health. If you have additional questions regarding unsaturated fat in your diet, be sure to consult with a registered dietitian. He or she should be able to provide you with a great deal of information regarding this topic.

3. Eat a Variety of Vegetables

A common prescription when it comes to choosing fruits and vegetables is a referral to "eat across the rainbow." This means that in order to achieve optimal nutrition and health, it is important to choose vegetables that vary in color. Research has found that different combinations of vitamins and minerals are often reflected by specific vegetable colors. Therefore, in order to get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need, it is important to make "colorful" choices.

4. Work With Your Doctor

Work with your doctor in order to achieve optimal nutritional status. Be sure that your doctor is aware of your choice to participate in a vegetarian lifestyle, and has spoken with you about the need to supplement your diet with any vitamins and minerals that you may be deficient in. Be sure to keep him or her posted on any changes in your diet. Your diet choice can not only affect your nutritional status, but may also produce changes in other bodily functions.

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