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Advice for Your Weight Loss Goals

8/23 17:11:00

Advice for Your Weight Loss Goals

Advice for Your Weight Loss Goals

Are you inspired by weight loss ads that offer to help you drop 50 pounds in just weeks, or programs that offer to put you back in the clothes you wore in high school? But it never turns out quite that way, does it?

I'm Dr. Caroline Cederquist, with Get The Skinny on Your Health.

Researchers find that one common reason many people give up trying to lose weight altogether is that they attempt to reach some goal weight that is just unrealistic - - maybe a weight they've never been at or were last at 30 years ago.

If that's true, maybe the problem isn't the effort, but the goal. Many of us are still focused on weight as a cosmetic, rather than a health issue. Because of that, even if we do lose a few pounds - but it's only a few - we feel that we've failed if we don't achieve some ideal shape!

But focus on the improvement! A loss of just 10 percent of body weight results in vastly lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems and many other health complications.

And that's a goal anyone could be proud to have and one that nearly everyone can achieve!

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