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Diet Delivery: The Perfect Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

8/23 17:10:33

Diet Delivery: The Perfect Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

Diet Delivery: The Perfect Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

We’re all busy and for most of us, time is of the essence. It takes time to go to the grocery store, shop for ingredients and cook the food. Not to mention, the world of healthy ingredients and hearty meals can be tough to navigate without the knowledge of a Foodie or an MD. For many, diet delivery is the key to healthy eating when in a crunch for time.

With so many weight-loss programs available, how do you know which one to choose?

There are countless weight-loss programs on the market right now. Looking through diet delivery programs and choosing the right one can be a lot of pressure, not to mention a very daunting task.

Affectionately called the Foodie and the MD, bistroMD founders Ed Cederquist (the Foodie) and Caroline Cederquist (the MD) were all too familiar with weight issues growing up. Experiencing personal journeys with weight loss and management, the two firmly believe in embracing a healthy lifestyle change.

BistroMD recognizes that choosing the right diet delivery plan can be a challenge. At bistroMD love what we do. We treat every program member with passion and integrity. We want you to not only look your best, but feel your best as well. If you don’t, then we’re not satisfied. There are two diet delivery options available. Both of these options feature a women’s program, a men’s program and the option of tasty and healthy snacks.

Our two tasty diet delivery options:

BistroMD offers program members two diet plan options: The five-day diet delivery option costs just under $150 per week, with an option of adding two snacks per day for women or three snacks per day at an additional cost, and requires no commitment to join. Program members can choose the previous option or opt for the seven-day diet delivery plan which costs just above $170 with the same option of adding snacks. Both diet delivery options offer an incredible deal for first-time program members. First-time members will receive free shipping on their first week’s order. Diet delivery options can be ordered online using the free shipping link above, or by calling (866) 401-3438.

Customizable options just for you!

The unique and exciting component of bistroMD is that you have the option of customizing your own diet delivery plan. You may select your preferred ingredients and review your list of approved entrees using My bistroMD, our all-new member interface. Our dietitians will then take your unique preferences and build a daily and weekly menu, just for you!

Benefit of a diet delivery program:

We believe you’ll achieve a happier and healthier you by using our five-or-seven-day diet delivery program. Our high-quality food paired with our staff’s knowledge, expertise and willingness to help is sure to put you on the right path toward success.

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