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Fresh Fitness Trends for 2012

8/22 17:45:40

Fresh fitness trends for 2012

How many times have you grabbed the bizarre weight loss diet tips exercised by celebrities only to find that they literally are bizarrely impervious? Perhaps you could weigh few predicted fitness trends for 2012 and give your body a chance to tune, finally!

British and Americans, alike, have banged themselves into accumulating tires of fat on themselves. Presumably, being obese is so common that a woman sized at zero is frowned at. The good news is that all the pot-bellied men and women can reduce their weight by corresponding to these five fitness trends that the American Council on Exercise (ACE) predicted for 2012. ACE has found that the number of over-weight Americans has reduced substantially in 2011 compared with the previous years.
Some of the most popular fitness trends to surface in the year 2012 are:

Tech-fuelled workouts

2011 developed a number of fitness accessories such as FitBit, BodyMedia, Nike Plus etc for fitness geeks. These are growing to become some of the most intrinsic aspects of a weight training program. ACE believes that more people are likely to use technology to offer one-on-one or small group training in 2012. Personal remote training, according to ACE, is going to increase exponentially with trainers uploading videos or manuals on the internet for people to watch or read.

Small-group training

If you are a Zumba fanatic or love to be part of boot camp classes, 2012 is your year! 2012 will witness a revolution from traditional cardio and weight training exercises to more stability and balance inducing exercising by way of dancing and other activities you would love to be part of.


Workplace support

Several companies have come to realise that employees who work out regularly are not only healthy and happy but also productive. ACE believes that with the increase in demand for a business’ productivity, 2012 will witness an exponential increase in the outsourcing of wellness programs with local gyms, thereby offering discounts for employees at these gyms.


Whole-life training

People are enroute to realise that being fit and healthy is not the end to a healthy body, but a streamlined approach of ensuring that one eats healthy food and incorporates efficient stress management sure is.


Fighting fad diets

Although, ACE has witnessed a rapid progress in the awareness building of the importance of diet and fitness, it has been observed that many people still believe that a fad diet is the solution to weight loss. ACE is proffering different tools to enable trainers to disseminate the idea of motivating without the help of crash diets.

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