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10 Secrets for Weight Loss

8/22 17:44:54

10 Secrets for weight loss

Have a Plan

To lose weight it is important that you plan carefully. Plan your weight loss program in a manner so that there is balance between reaching the goal and enjoying the moment as well. Your weight loss program must consider healthy alteration in your diet and exercises that are good for your body.

It is important to have realistic goal and set specific targets to reach your goal.


Plan a splurge day


Adding a cheat day to weight loss program can increase chances of its success. Wondering how? Going on diet is difficult at both the physical as well as the mental level. By breaking your weight loss rules for a day can lose weight while keeping yourself satisfied.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep not only help to your body to recover from stress of long day but it also help to fight with the body fat.


According to a study done at University of Chicago, sleeping less than seven hours increases the appetite and slows down the metabolism. As a result person eats more and due to slow metabolism body is not able to burn calories. Lack of sleep makes the body to retain abdominal fat.


Maintain a food diary

Maintaining a food diary is a great idea. It will help you to understand how much calories you are getting in your diet. Experts are of view that many people underestimate the amount of calories they are eating. To overcome this problem you can get food log that have description of the amount of calorie content in the food. By keeping track on what you are eating you can add consistency and accuracy to your weight loss program.

Stop eating before you are stuffed

If you stop eating before you are overstuffed you can probably end up eating lesser calories. Some people wait to eat till they start starving. By doing this you will end up eating more.


Be Active

Today’s society has largely become sedentary. We travel by car or bus, work on computers and spend our time in front of television and video games.

Stay away from liquid calories

Stay away from beverages that are loaded with sugar. In addition, these beverages are less likely to keep you full and you end up eating a lot, quickly and even make wrong food choices.

Lift heavy weights

The fastest way to lose weight is to lift heavy weight. It increases the metabolism and results in burning more calories.

Eat more proteins

Protein helps to build lean body mass. In order to digest protein requires more energy from than carbohydrates or fat.


Drink Water

Even though there is nothing magical about water when it comes to weight loss but consuming lots of water make you feel full, as a result you eat less.




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