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Does Heat Make You Lose Weight

8/22 17:44:34

Does Heat Make You Lose WeightAs much of your body is made up of water, and heat can make you lose water by sweating, it does have a temporary effect on your weight. But weight lost through sweating has no impact on the amount of fat in your body. If you keep resorting to this method for losing weight, it will lead to dehydration and make you hospitalised. Your body mass needs to be modified for the better, for you to enjoy permanent weight loss. So, can heat make you lose weight permanently too?

Regardless of how long you decide to raise the temperature around your stomach, the effects would be the same. Only temporary weight loss due to sweating. It does not affect your metabolic rate or the number of calories that you are able to burn. The lost fluid due to heat would be regained as soon as you eat or drink anything. So, if you have been sitting on the sauna for too long, using a heat lamp on your belly, or exercising with a warm body suit on, these are not conducive for effective weight loss.

Having excess fat, especially around the waist, poses serious health problems. It can cause high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and heart diseases. The right way of getting rid of your body fat is to follow a balanced diet especially formulated for you and the same for an exercise regimen. Slow and gradual loss of fat would last longer too.

As heat makes you lose weight only temporarily, it becomes important for you to consider the various ways in which it may affect you. If you try to lose weight getting heat by wearing plastic sauna suit while exercising, staying in sauna for too long, these can be particularly harmful for your health. This is because they can cause rapid loss of fluids in your body leading to limited oxygen supply to your internal body organs. Some of the complications that may result are weakness, mental instability, dizziness and chances of death.

Using a heat lamp or making use of an abdominal belt does not cause as many health issues. So, heat does affect weight loss but you need to be particular about the kind of method you use. But most importantly, you should be clear in your mind that losing weight through heat is only a temporary exercise, and if done in excess, can lead to dehydration and other health problems.




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